PTAP Feedback

PTACs are non-profit, government, or tribal entities who received a DLA cooperative agreement award. Congress appropriates funding for this program to assist businesses in obtaining information and training related to contracting and subcontracting opportunities with DoD, other Federal agencies, and State and local governments.

PTACs provide day-to-day assistance in the form of such services as helping prepare bids/proposals, marketing to potential buyers, setting up or improving quality assurance and accounting systems, complying with cybersecurity requirements, and resolving payment problems. PTACs are expected to teach businesses how to participate in government contracting but they are not allowed to do the work on behalf of the business, and they may not act as a representative of their business clients.

In accordance with the law, PTACs are limited to helping with government-contracting-related issues and therefore they can’t help with general business issues such as business formulation and development, access to capital, or hiring and other human resources processes. PTACs are not government procurement officials and can not guarantee their clients will win contracts.

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