Fastener headmarking registration


If you are a fastener manufacturer, and want to sell fasteners to DLA Troop Support or for use by DLA Troop Support's customers, you must have a "logo" stamped on your fasteners which provides traceability to you as the manufacturer.

To register your logo, download the DLA Troop Support Form 207 in Adobe PDF format. Complete the form and send it to the address below, along with a legible reproduction of your actual logo. You may refer us to a web site with your logo, you may send it in electronically, or you may send us a hardcopy.

For any questions concerning this program, email the program coordinator. The companies listed in the "Logo Approvals" table reflect those fastener manufacturers who have applied for registration and who have met the requirements of Military Handbook 57. This table is a current cumulative listing.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please visit the Qualified Suppliers List page if you intend to produce competitive class 3 or class 2 threaded fasteners, and/or rivets.

Send completed form and logo image to:

DLA Troop Support
ATTN: DLA Troop Support-NASA
700 Robbins Ave., Bldg 6/D
Philadelphia, PA 19111-5092

- OR -

MIL Handbook 57 Logo Approvals Table (updated June 20, 2019)