DLA Human Resources Memoranda of Agreement

Memoranda of Agreement

Agency Workload Leveling System (AWLS) Pilot

Awards and Recognition within the DoD Performance Management and Appraisal Program 

AFGE DLA DAWIA Memorandum of Agreement

Aviation Realignment

BRAC AF Transferees

BRAC CY 2008 Navy Transferees to DLA

BRAC Transfer at Tobyhanna, PA

BRAC Transferees During Quarter 2, FY 09

BRAC Transferees, May – December 2009

BRAC Transfers at Barstow and Anniston, 2011

CAC Use for Accessing EBIS

Cell Phone

Common Access Card, 2002

Common Access Card, 2006

Customer Service Representatives

Directive Type Memorandum (DTM) Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Operator Training Licensing and Certification Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Material Handling Equipment Operations, Licensing and Training and DLA Powered Idustrial Truck (PIT) Procedures, January 2014

Distribution Safety and Occupational Health Integrated Safety Strategy

DLA Corporate Intern Program Settlement Agreement

DLA Disposition Services Policy for Uploading Data and Photos

DLA Document Services located at Warner Robins

DLA Document Services - Certification for Inclusion in Existing Consolidated Unit

DLA Hoteling, Hot Desking and Desk Sharing, Dec 2012

DLA-wide Deployment of Employee Activity Guide for Labor Entry(EAGLE)

DLA Phased Retirement

DLA Policy on Registered Sex Offenders

DLA Safety and Occupational Health Management System

DoD Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMPAP)

DOD Travel Card, 2002
EAGLE Telework Managment

Emergency-Essential, Noncombat-Essential and Capability Based Volunteeer MOA dated June 16, 2009

Emergency Furlough, 2011

Evaluation of Candidates for Competitive Promotion to DLA Corporate Intern Positions, BRAC Transfers to Barstow, CA, 2001

Evaluation of Candidates for Competitive Promotion to DLA Corporate Intern Positions, 2001

Filling Business Systems Modernization Concept Demo Positions, 2001 Business Systems Modernization Concept Demo Training, 2001

Fitness Wellness Program Provisions for the AFGE MLA 12-04-2012

Fitness Wellness Provision, Dec 2012.

Forward Presence Positions

Implementation of Quickhire Software, 2001

Information Assurance

Internal Review Office Employees Reclassified from 511 to 301 Series, 2011

Interpretive Guidance, Article 39, 2003

J6 Information Operations Reorganization

J62 DAWIA Implementation

J8 Financial Transformation

J8 Realignment and Reorganization

Lactation Program

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement One Book

Leave and Earnings Statements

Mass Transit Subsidy

Motor Cycle Safety

National Settlement Agreement

Nine Month Pilot Modification to Article 13, Merit Promotion

Official Time for Attendance at AFGE Conference

Reasonable Accommodations Procedures

Recruitment, Retention, Relocation Incentive Service Agreements

Reduction-In-Force, Furlough, and Transfer of Function (2018)

Revised Article 18 for the Implementation of DPMAP

Settlement Agreement Arbitration Case No. 040513-54629-3, Denial of Official Time Under Article 3, Section 3 of MLA Oct, 2003, June 05

Settlement Agreement Computer Removal

Telework, 2002

Transfer of Disposition Employees Cycle 2 and 3

Tuition Assistance

Voluntary Protection Program

Voluntary Protection Program, 2005

Wage and Tax Statement

2007 Ground Rules for MLA Negotiations (Archive)

2010 Ground Rules for MLA Negotiations

Memorandum of Agreement between DLA and AFGE Council 169, Administrative Furlough

Memorandum of Agreement, Storage and Distribution (D2) Reconversion 2016