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News | April 22, 2016

Strategic Goals Award winners announced for first quarter, fiscal 2016

By Dianne Ryder

Defense Logistics Agency Director Air Force Lt. Gen. Andy Busch has announced the DLA Strategic Goals Award winners for the first quarter of fiscal year 2016. This quarterly award recognizes measurable contributions by teams or individuals to achieving the goals set forth in the DLA Strategic Plan.

The winners are:

  • Mary Ann Angelovich, DLA Land and Maritime, in the Warfighter First category
  • DLA Logistics Operations Rapid Deployment Initiative Cross Functional Team, in the Warfighter First category
  • Orlando V. Holloway, DLA Aviation, in the Strategic Engagement category
  • DLA Logistics Operations Nuclear Enterprise Support Office Team, in the Strategic Engagement category
  • Robert A. Olszewski, DLA Installation Support, in the Process Excellence category

The five awardees were selected from among 19 superb nominations, Busch stated in his announcement memorandum.

“Their efforts exemplify the DLA vision to deliver the right solution on time, every time, while adhering to our core values of integrity, resiliency, diversity, innovation, accountability and excellence,” he wrote.

Mary Ann Angelovich was recognized in the Warfighter First goal area. Without adequate power sources such as batteries, the lives of our warfighters are in danger and their performance on the battlefield could be compromised. Angelovich, a purchasing agent, awarded three indefinite-delivery purchase orders during this quarter: a three-year IDPO for a power supply used on the Virginia Class Submarine; a five-year IDPO for a non-rechargeable battery, used on the HH-60 Helicopter and the Littoral Combat Ship; and a three-year IDPO for a pneumatic inner tube used on shipboard material handling equipment and the landing craft air cushion. She also awarded 139 small -purchase requests, far exceeding her performance-standard goals over a three-month period.

The DLA Logistics Operations Rapid Deployment Initiative Cross Functional Team was also recognized in the Warfighter First goal area. The RDI team took the DLA director's vision for a quick-response crisis team and translated it into a functional capability to support the warfighter and other governmental agencies. They delivered an initial operational capability, immediately tested the concept, and quickly integrated lessons learned for full operational capability upon Global Response Force Execution Orders release. They analyzed real-world lessons from humanitarian/disaster relief missions in Haiti, Liberia and Nepal and contingency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the creation of two scalable, trained, ready and equipped teams, the RDI team opened a gateway for rapid response in direct support of the warfighter or inter-agency customer. The implementation of the RDI teams significantly enhances DLA's ability to respond to national emergencies and global contingencies.

Orlando V. Holloway was recognized in the Strategic Engagement goal area. Holloway took it upon himself to ensure all outstanding actions for the Bell Integrated Supply Team were resolved when they lost several key personnel. He placed 71 national item identification numbers on contract and successfully added 31 NIINs on Bell's corporate contract as "unpriced" -- a new concept for DLA Aviation. By leveraging the strategic supplier relationship with Bell, he delivered an innovative solution to material availability by cutting down on administrative lead time. He streamlined processes to obtain the most effective and efficient outcome. Since Holloway took ownership of this contract, automated awards have increased from 101 to 139, a 28-percent increase, and the average auto administrative lead time has decreased from 25.2 to 4.5 days, a 460-percent improvement.

The DLA Logistics Operations Nuclear Enterprise Support Office Team was also recognized in the Strategic Engagement area. The NESO Team excelled in identifying the major stakeholder organizations within the nuclear enterprise by working hand-in-glove with the warfighters and Primary Level Field Activities to improve DLA's support to these stakeholders. The team stopped disposal of serviceable materiel mapped to NE weapon systems by recovering and transferring approximately $114 million in serviceable NE materiel to distribution storage facilities. They conducted a customer-focused analysis to develop a comprehensive inventory investment strategy. As a result, the DLA director approved a $127 million increase in NE materiel inventory safety levels. The NESO team's strategic engagement efforts and accomplishments forged trust in our commitment as strategic partners among our NE stakeholders.

Robert A. Olszewski was recognized in the Process Excellence goal area. Olszewski has been instrumental in standardizing and integrating the organization's process improvement activities to ensure systemic Acquire to Retire issues have been addressed. His planning and programming efforts have impacted the development and institutionalization of the roles and responsibilities, policies and ownership of the A2R process activities. He assisted headquarters personnel in the analysis and development of A2R process management solutions by consolidation, standardization and integration throughout the total real property process. Through his outstanding leadership, DLA will uncover untold savings, cost avoidance and improved records management support through a portfolio of process improvements and innovations regarding real property inventory.

Busch urged leaders to continue to recognize teams and individuals who exemplify and support DLA’s strategic goals.