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DLA Disposition Services

Rail car components wait to be scrapped at the DLA Disposition Services Gimcheon property disposal site in South Korea.
DLA Disposition Services has recently accomplished several lines of effort in its Strategic Plan. Learn about these achievements and how DLA Disposition Services will modernize in the coming year.
Disposition Services South East team reflects on a year of accomplishments and improvements across the region.
Veteran homelessness has been around a long time in the U.S. But rates have fallen dramatically in the past two decades, and veterans stand downs offering free former military clothing and gear for attendees have been a vital part of that positive trajectory.
A cohort of about 200 used and excess military property requisitioners - mostly social workers - regularly visit DLA's online inventory for items that will help their local homeless and at-risk veteran populations.
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What DLA Disposition Services Offers

DLA Disposition Services are the reverse logistics experts for the Department of Defense. See what all we provide by clicking the link above. 

DLA Disposition Services Videos

View a playlist highlighting DLA's disposition capabilities.

View a playlist highlighting DLA's disposition capabilities.

View a playlist highlighting DLA's disposition capabilities.

DLA Disposition Services News

Disposition Services | Jan. 25, 2023

Red River property disposal team sets standard with massive HMMWV divest...

Army Material Command recently turned in 2,870 High-Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicles to the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services team at Red River Army Depot in East Texas.

Enterprisewide | Jan. 20, 2023

Consider it done: DLA scraps aging train cars for Army

Rail movement across the Korean peninsula has been vital for warfighter support there. DLA recently scrapped 1.6 million pounds of railcar, with more to come.

Disposition Services | Jan. 19, 2023

South East Leadership Summit proves successful

Members of the Disposition Services South East team held their annual leadership summit, discussing a variety of topics including best practices, operations and leadership techniques as well as getting a tour of the site in Anniston, Alabama.

Disposition Services | Jan. 17, 2023

PaCE Spotlight: Kaveh Amirsolaimani

Kaveh Amirsolaimani, better known as Kevin Amir among his colleagues, is a Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services Property Disposal Specialist within the Operations Receipt Branch. He began the Pathways to Career Excellence Program in 2018 and