DLA Locations

As the nation’s combat logistics support agency, the Defense Logistics Agency manages the global supply chain – from raw materials to end user to disposition – for the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, 11 combatant commands, other federal agencies, and partner and allied nations. DLA employs about 26,000 employees at many locations throughout the United States and overseas. 

Looking for DLA?

As the nation's combat logistics support agency, DLA has locations worldwide to support the warfighter. See DLA's presence on the interactive map, or find more about the agency's worldwide locations through the list beneath the map.

Help with the map above: The menu for the map can be opened using the square to the left of the Defense Logistics Agency Locations title. Select or deselect organizations to narrow down what appears on the map, and use your mouse's scroll wheel or the plus and minus icons on the map to zoom in or out. Markers on this map do not directly align with the exact address of a DLA location. Where available, address details or contact information is available on the map markers. Please contact the office associated with each map map marker for specific visiting or mailing directions.

List of DLA Command Locations

DLA Command Location Location and Contact Information
DLA Headquarters Fort Belvoir, VA Contact DLA HQ
DLA Aviation Richmond, VA Contact DLA Aviation
DLA Disposition Services Battle Creek, MI Contact DLA Disposition Services
DLA Distribution New Cumberland, PA Contact DLA Distribution
DLA Energy Fort Belvoir, VA Contact DLA Energy
DLA Land and Maritime Columbus, OH Contact DLA Land and Maritime
DLA Troop Support Philadelphia, PA Contact DLA Troop Support
DLA Europe & Africa Kaiserslautern, Germany Contact DLA Europe & Africa
DLA Indo-Pacific Pearl Harbor, HI Contact DLA Indo-Pacific