DLA CENTCOM & SOCOM integrates and synchronizes DLA enterprise operations in the USCENTCOM and USSOCOM areas of responsibility. The organization provides supported warfighters and the DLA enterprise with credible, reliable and timely information about DLA capabilities and warfighter requirements. DLA CENTCOM & SOCOM provides command and control over the DLA organizations, warfighter support representatives, and liaison officers in the USCENTCOM AOR and in support of USSOCOM missions.


DLA Headquarters Recent News

DLA to modernize warehouse operations 
Korey Leese, material handler supervisor for Defense Logistics Agency Distribution, assembles a combat medical kit, one of several types of kits the agency provides. Medical kit assemblies range in size from small first aid kits to large mobile field hospitals, and may include both medical and nonmedical items.
Jan. 16, 2020 - The Defense Logistics Agency is keeping up with innovation and technology changes in warehouse operations by leveraging commercial, off-the-shelf software by SAP.


Keeping disposal safe with inspections
Navy Petty Officer Second Class Jhunar Medenilla, a new PACE member, performs an ammo abatement inspection on a vehicle during his recent deployment to DLA Disposition Services site at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.
Dec. 30, 2019 - Some things you absolutely have to get right because mistakes can be too costly. Making sure vehicles turned-in for disposal do not contain any hidden surprises is one of those things.

New commander tours Bagram site
Navy Cmdr. Robert Kurkjian (center), commander of the DLA Support Team – Afghanistan, listens as Navy Lt. Cmdr. Steve Harrell, officer in in charge of DLA Disposition Services-Afghanistan; briefs Army Maj. Gen. John Sullivan, new commander of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command.
Aug. 9, 2019 - Defense Logistics Agency employees at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, recently welcomed the new commander of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command for a visit.

Excess items avoid landfill to help people in need
A variety of chairs await transport from the DLA Disposition Services site in Bahrain to the local Red Crescent Society where they will help those in need.
May 6, 2019 - It took more than luck to complete a long and challenging donation process to provide excess items to Bahrain’s Red Crescent Society, but the charity’s local leaders recently wished good fortune on Defense Logistics Agency employees there for extra efforts from agency employees to provide support.