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Andrew T. McNamara Building
8725 John J. Kingman Road
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6221

For customer service issues:
Please visit the Customer Interaction Center
Or call 1-877-DLA-CALL (1-877-352-2255)

Office of the DLA Director

Title Phone Number
Director 571-767-5200
Executive Secretary 571-767-5200
Flag Aide 571-767-5200
Executive Officer 571-767-5200
Assistant Executive Officer 571-767-5200
Protocol 571-767-4200
Vice Director 571-767-5200
Chief of Staff 571-767-5200
Executive Secretary 571-767-5222
Senior Enlisted Leader 571-767-5200

Union Representation

Title Phone Number
AFGE Council President 209-982-3889
AFGE Local 2449 President 571-767-5130

Staff Resources

Title Phone Number
Small Business Programs 571-767-0192
DLA General Council 571-767-6060
Freedom of Information and Privacy Act 571-767-6183
Office of the Chaplain 571-767-5249
DLA Office of the Inspector General 571-767-5440
Investigations Division Chief 571-767-5448
Audit Division Chief 571-767-6279
DLA Legislative Affairs 571-767-5264
DLA Public Affairs 571-767-6200
Command Historian 571-767-0409
Equal Employment Opportunity 571-767-1100
DLA Intelligence 571-767-6001
Director's Staff Group 571-767-2567

DLA Installation Management

Title Phone Number
Director 571-767-5550
Deputy Director 571-767-5550
Executive Assistant 571-767-6199
Secretary 571-767-5550
Business Management Staff Director 571-767-6220
Travel Division Chief 571-767-3439
Business Requirements Division Chief 571-767-6227
Environmental Management Staff Director 571-767-6173
Environmental Management Deputy Director 571-767-6253
Installations Management Staff Director 571-767-3347
Installation Policy Chief 571-767-2049
Occupational Health and Safety Staff Director 571-767-6276
VPP Program Management 571-767-6249
Morale, Welfare and Recreation Staff Director 571-767-5394
Child and Youth Services Chief 571-767-7103
One Fund Manager 571-767-5373
Family Programs Chief 571-767-5372
Security & Emergency Services Staff Director 571-767-5400
Security & Emergency Services Deputy Director 571-767-5443

DLA Installation Management Field Sites

Title Phone Number
Fort Belvoir Site Director 571-767-5061
Battle Creek Site Director 269-961-4778
Columbus Site Director 614-692-3101
Energy Site Director 571-767-9284
Europe Site Director 49-631-411-5260
Distribution/New Cumberland Site Director 717-770-2822
San Joaquin Site Director 209-839-4223
Susquehanna Site Director 717-770-4310
Pacific Site Director 808-473-4302
Philadelphia Site Director 215-737-7100
Richmond Site Director 804-279-3852

DLA Human Resources (J1)

Verification of Employment for DLA employees

For current DLA employees:
The employee must request the verification be sent through the MyBiz+ system   (a current DLA Common Access Card is required).
Click “Request Employment Verification” under “Key Services,” and follow the instructions to send the verification to the requestor.

For former DLA employees:
DLA HR is unable to provide information on former DLA employees.
The individual should provide their most recent SF-50 as verification of employment. 


Title Phone Number
Human Resources Director 571-767-6445
Secretary 571-767-6445
Executive Assistant 571-767-5312
Human Resources Deputy Director 571-767-6419
Secretary 571-767-6419
Communications Manager 571-767-5392
Human Capital Program Development Staff Director 571-767-5398
Human Resources Labor and Employees Relations Policy Staff Director 571-767-6412
Human Resources Policy Staff Director 571-767-6406
Human Capital Business Integration Staff Director 571-767-4302
DLA Human Resources Services Administrator 571-767-6427
DLA Human Resources Services - Columbus Director DSN 850-6001
DLA Human Resources Services - DOD Director DSN 850-0239
DLA Human Resources Services - Injury Compensation Center Director 571-767-8105
DLA Human Resources Services - New Cumberland Director DSN 771-6112
DLA Human Resources Services - Systems Director 571-767-6410
DLA Human Resources Services - DLA Training Center Director DSN 850-5986
Military Personnel and Administration Director 571-767-5353

DLA Logistics Operations (J3)

Title Phone Number
Commander 571-767-1600
    Executive Officer 571-767-5707
    Assistant Executive Officer 571-767-1582
    Secretary 571-767-4917
    Deputy Director 571-767-1582
Business Management 571-767-9755
Operations Executive Director 571-767-7600
    Deputy Executive Director 571-767-3184
    Secretary 571-767-1223
Agency Synchronization Operations Center 571-767-2718
Army National Account Manager 571-767-2641
Air Force National Account Manager 571-767-1222
Navy National Account Manager 571-767-9960
Marine Corps  National Account Manager 571-767-0202
Portfolio Programs Support Chief 571-767-3542
Mission Assurance Chief 571-767-8129
Whole of Government Chief 571-767-7510
    Whole of Government Deputy 571-767-7761
Mission Support Executive Director 571-767-2070
    Mission Support Deputy Director 571-767-9303
    Secretary 571-767-8807
Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office Chief 571-767-2070
Management Support Division Chief 571-767-9303
Sustainment Solutions Division Chief 571-767-0532
Logistics Policy & Strategic Programs 571-767-4100
      Deputy Executive Director 571-767-4319
      Secretary 571-767-4100
Order Management Chief 717-770-2863
Planning Division Chief 804-279-5954
Quality & Technical Assurance Chief 571-767-1585
Inventory Management 571-767-2590

Regional Commands Directly Reporting to DLA Logistics Operations (J3)

Title Phone Number
DLA CENTCOM & SOCOM Commander 813-826-3066,
DSN 651-3066
DLA CENTCOM & SOCOM Deputy Commander 813-529-3402,
DSN 651-3402
DLA Europe & Africa Commander 011-49-6317-106-9769,
DSN 324-206-9796
DLA Europe & Africa Deputy Commander 011-49-6317-106-9770,
DSN 324-206-9770
DLA Indo-Pacific Commander 808-786-2001,
DSN 315-486-2001
DLA Indo-Pacific Deputy Commander 808-786-2002,
DSN 315-486-2002

DLA Transformation (DT)

Title Phone Number
Director 571-767-5202
Deputy 571-767-5202
Risk Assessment & Process Improvement 571-767-3784
Enterprise Risk Management 571-767-3784
Continuous Process Improvement 571-767-2009
Managers' Internal Control 571-767-7175

DLA Information Operations (J6)

Title Phone Number
Chief Information Officer 571-767-2100
Deputy Chief Information Officer 571-767-2100
Program Executive Officer 571-767-2100
Chief of Staff 717-831-6189
Chief Technology Officer 804-613-0669
Chief Data Officer 804-279-4232

DLA Acquisition (J7)

Title Phone Number
Director 571-767-1645
Deputy Director 571-767-1470
Executive Assistant 571-767-1622
Chief of Staff 571-767-1471
Executive Secretary 571-767-1645
Executive Secretary 571-767-7537
Acquisition Policy & Systems Division 571-767-1393
DAR Council Rep 571-767-1393
Acquisition Operations Division 571-767-1554
Compliance Oversight & Acquisition Workforce Division 571-767-1369
Acquisition Programs & Business Operations Division 571-767-3785
Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office 571-767-1373
DLA Strategic Materials 571-767-5500
HQ DLA Contracting Services 571-767-1212

DLA Strategic Materials

Title Phone Number
Administrator 571-767-5525
Deputy Administrator 571-767-5500

DLA Finance (J8)

Please contact the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)  to address accounts payable issues.

DFAS has contractor and vendor resources  to assist with payment-related needs.

Title Phone Number
Director, Chief Financial Officer 571-767-7300
Executive Assistant 571-767-7300
Deputy Director 571-767-7200
Executive Assistant 571-767-7200
Business Financial Operations Director 571-767-7256
Business Financial Operations Deputy Director 571-767-2540
Financial Services Operations Director 571-767-7483
Financial Services Operations Deputy Director 571-767-5068
Accounting Operations Director 571-767-6293
Accounting Operations Deputy Director 571-767-7236
Information Technology and Investment Operations Director 571-767-7282
Enterprise Financial Operations Director 571-767-7270
Appropriations, Policy, Planning & Management Team Chief 571-767-3021
Integration & Corporate Operations Team Chief 571-767-7247
Financial Systems & Process Management Team Director 571-767-7249
Financial Systems & Process Management Team Deputy Director 571-767-7204
Financial Compliance & Process Management Director 571-767-7474
Financial Compliance & Audit Team Chief 571-767-7294
Financial Workplan Management Team Chief 571-767-7226
Financial Audit Response & Sustainment Team Chief 571-767-6279
DLA Finance Aviation Director 804-279-3740
DLA Finance Energy Director 571-767-9484
DLA Finance Land and Maritime Director 614-692-7186
DLA Finance Troop Support Director 215-737-2700
DLA Finance Distribution Director 717-770-6200
DLA Finance Disposition Services Director 269-961-5639
DLA Finance Document Services Director 717-605-2993
DLA Finance Logistics Information Services Director 269-961-4803
DLA Finance Transaction Services Director 937-656-3752
DLA Finance Strategic Materials Director 571-767-7375

DLA Joint Reserve Force (J9)

Title Phone Number
Director 571-767-5327
Deputy Director 571-767-7277
Administrative Officer 571-767-5327
Executive Officer 571-767-5320

DLA Aviation

Title Phone Number
Commander 804-279-3801
Deputy Commander 804-279-3803
Contracting and Acquisition Management 804-279-3805
Chief of Staff 804-279-4428

DLA Disposition Services

Title Phone Number
Director 269-961-5972
Deputy Director 269-961-5977
Chief of Staff 269-961-5868
Executive Assistant 269-961-5980

DLA Distribution

Title Phone Number
Commander 717-770-7401
Deputy Commander 717-770-7403
Chief of Staff 717-770-7325

DLA Energy

Title Phone Number
Commander 571-767-9706
Deputy Commander 571-767-4917
Chief of Staff 571-767-4919
Director of Supplier Operations 571-767-8505
Director of Customer Operations 571-767-9301

DLA Land and Maritime

Title Phone Number
Commander 614-692-2166
Deputy Commander 614-692-2167
Contracting and Acquisition Management 614-692-2167
Chief of Staff 614-692-2168
Commander's Executive Assistant 614-692-2169

DLA Troop Support

Title Phone Number
Commander 215-737-2300
Deputy Commander 215-737-2308
Contracting and Acquisition Management 215-737-2304
Chief of Staff 215-737-2303