DLA Campaigns

DLA places emphasis on many programs and campaigns that impact the organization and the people who do business with DLA.

Each campaign, past and present, remains featured here to allow customers and employees access to the resources they need, even after the programs conclude.

DLA Director's Strategic Plan

DLA Strategic Plan Cover Link
The DLA Director's Strategic Plan outlines the organization's mission, goals and values, and explains the core efforts that makes DLA the Nation's Combat Logistics Support Agency.

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This campaign is currently active

Annual Report

The cover image for the Annual Report
The annual report summarizes agency's activities over the most recent fiscal year. Along with financial highlights, reports cover summaries of DLA's end-to-end global supply chain performance, acquisition operations and operational environment. It also looks toward the future and outlines areas where the organization in moving forward.

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This campaign is currently active

Industry Engagement

The cover image for the Industry Engagement Plan book
DLA’s strong relationship with its supplier community is critical to the agency’s ability to successfully carry out its mission as the nation’s combat logistics support agency. DLA must work together with our suppliers to ensure a capable defense industrial base, generate innovative and efficient solutions, and maintain a secure and resilient supply chain.

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This campaign is currently active

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

DLA SAPR emblem link
DLA senior leaders have no tolerance for sexual assault, sexual harassment or workplace harassment of any kind. These acts go against DLA's core values and weaken the organization's ability to carry out the mission. Resources are available for prevention, reporting and assistance.

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This campaign is currently active

Warehouse Management System

A man uses a headset and a small device attached to his hand to select items from a warehouse shelf

The Warehouse Management System will help modernize the Distribution Standard System that DLA Distribution and DLA Disposition Services use to conduct warehousing, depot and transportation functions. WMS uses commercial, off-the-shelf software and offers benefits ranging from improved productivity and streamlined processes to better achieve audit readiness and reporting capabilities between DLA and customers. 

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This campaign is currently active

Hatch Act Guidance

A U.S. flag flying over the Capitol
The Hatch Act
limits certain political activities of federal employees who work in connection with federally funded programs. The law ensures federal programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion, protects federal employees from political coercion in the workplace, and ensures federal employees are promoted on merit and not political affiliation.

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This campaign currently active

DLA Hall of Fame
DLA Hall of Fame seal

Through the Hall of Fame, we preserve our history, promote DLA values and celebrate excellence. While honoring our past, the standards and values our inductees represent make the Hall of Fame relevant to today’s employees and to the workforce of the future.

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This campaign is currently active


An employee is in the gym as part of a Resilience activity
Fortifying resiliency
represents things we do within DLA to assist members of our workforce to become more effective in their professional and personal lives. We will assess, identify, and implement improvements to ensure employees see themselves as valued team members and are resilient in the face of professional and personal challenges.

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This campaign is currently active

Coronavirus Information

Image of the coronavirusThe DLA coronavirus information pages are the source for FAQs, official guidance, leadership updates, and news on what the agency is doing to support the military services and other federal agencies with their COVID-19 efforts.

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This campaign ended May 11, 2023

People and Culture

The cover image for the People and Culture Plan book
DLA’s ability to attract, develop, and retain a diverse, skilled, and agile workforce is vital to our continued success as the nation’s combat logistics support agency. This plan aligns DLA’s mission, goals, and objectives with proven human capital strategies. DLA Human Resources is committed to sustaining a highly skilled workforce capable of meeting and exceeding goals of this plan and subsequently the needs of America’s warfighters and DLA’s other customers.

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This campaign references a previous Strategic Plan and is no longer active

Supply Chain Security

The cover image for the Supply Chain Security Plan book
DLA’s Supply Chain Security Strategy is the roadmap for how the agency addresses supply chain security challenges across the enterprise. This cross-cutting effort is fundamental to our operations and underpins DLA’s ability to support the warfighter. Interruption of DLA supply chain operations compromises our nation’s ability to deliver combat power and execute critical missions. DLA has an inherent imperative to ensure we have the proper detection, protection, redundancy and resilience built into our systems, processes, infrastructure and people to ensure continued support to the warfighter.

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This campaign references a previous Strategic Plan and is no longer active

DLA's 60th Anniversary

Historic images with the text "forged by history, focused on the future"In 1961, DLA was created to build and sustain the logistics system of the future, and this critical work continues today. Over the last six decades, DLA established a strong reputation for service to the warfighterleveraging unique capabilities to support growing whole-of-government mission with efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

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This campaign concluded in September 2022

Combined Federal Campaign

The CFC logo
DLA is proud to take part in the Combined Federal Campaign where we are given the opportunity to take action and show compassion for the causes that touch our hearts. Together, the federal community has provided over $8.3 billion in philanthropic support through the CFC.

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This campaign is not currently active

Acquisition Professionals Video Series

Video still from the DLA Acquisition Professionals series
Hear from DLA employees about what it means to be acquisition professionals. Through this video series you can take a closer look at how the DLA acquisition community supports logistics.

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This campaign concluded in 2016