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News | Sept. 27, 2016

National Hispanic conference offers training, inspiration

By Mislin A. Hampton DLA Columbus EEO Public Affairs Liaison

Two Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime associates attended the 44th Annual Federal Employees Leadership and Diversity Training Program, also known as the 2016 National Training Program (NTP), on Sept. 12-16 in Albuquerque, N.M. This year’s conference theme was “Hispanics’ Empowerment: Lead, Inspire and Achieve.”  The conference focused on training that provides government employees, including those involved in the management of Hispanic employment and outreach programs, the education and skills necessary to reach their full leadership potential, and to fully manage their employment programs.

This event was hosted by National Image, Inc., a national Hispanic organization whose mission is the empowerment of Hispanics through leadership development and working with federal agencies to promote the recruitment, hiring, retention and advancement of Hispanics in the government workforce.  DLA Land and Maritime associates Mislin A. Hampton and Army Capt. Miracle Lopez Garcia attended the training, where Garcia also received a National Image Meritorious Military Service award at a ceremony later in the week.  

“It was very inspirational to me to hear the success stories of the guest speakers – how they overcame personal struggles and demonstrated resiliency to accomplish their goals,” Garcia said. “Every forum and breakout session I attended had value for me, and will have an impact on how I lead my team.”

According to the conference co-chair Veronica Vasquez, the NTP is the ideal opportunity for participants to come together to obtain valuable training designed to assist federal employees with career development while allowing them a venue to network.  “Everyone has potential for greatness,” Vasquez said.   

The workshops were in line with Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Senior Executive Service (SES) Core Qualifications for career development in the federal workforce. The workshops included: An Effective Anti-Harassment Program, Chronic Dysfunctional Behavior in the Workplace, Handling Conflict Competently, EEO Case Law Update, How to Find and Apply for Jobs in the Federal Government, Planning for Leadership Positions, Why Mentoring Matters, and Being Politically Savvy. 

“See the beauty of having a diverse workforce within the organization. Embrace being different, speaking with an accent,” Dr. Zina Sutch, OPM director of Diversity and Inclusion said during her workshop. “Value the power of diversity and inclusion. You don’t want people to look, or think alike.”

During a special awards ceremony following the conference, National Image Inc. recognized the contributions and achievements of 15 military personnel, including Garcia. Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Judy M. Griego, former chief of staff of the New Mexico Air National Guard, presented the awards.

“Everyone has a story, adversities, and hardships. How you treat other people is really important.  Be kind to people,” Griego said.    

“How you show respect to others sets a legacy.”