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Applications | Feb. 3, 2022

eDocs - RBI Electronic Document System

Access to eDocs is available for users with a valid CAC card or a Username/Password.

RBI eDocs Search Information

eDocs provides an electronic repository for forms, directions and other DLA documents. Use the eDoc application to find a Disposition Services Turn-In Document.

For access to the RBI eDocs application, an AMPS request must be submitted. Instructions for requesting eDocs access in AMPS are located here (PDF). If you do not have an AMPS account, instructions are available here (PDF). Access the AMPS system here .

RBI eDocs Accounts must be accessed at least once every 30 days to avoid account Deactivation. Please log into your RBI eDocs account once every 30 days to avoid deactivation. Deactivated users will have 90 days from the time they are deactivated to contact the DISA Global Service Desk to have your account reactivated. After that date, you will be required to submit a new AMPS Role Request for account renewal. By regulation, any account not reactivated by that time will be deleted.

When authenticating within eDocs, you must use your CAC email certificate. If you have problems, please exit your browser and reopen, then select your email or PIV certificate. If this does not work, please contact the DISA Global Service Desk.

Assistance and Contact Information

DISA Global Service Desk​ (system access or technical issues)​
Toll Free: 844-DISA-HLP (844-347-2457​)
DSN: 850-0032​
Press 5, then speak or enter D-L-A
Email: (Non-urgent general IT issues)