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News | Jan. 15, 2019

DLA Distribution San Joaquin holds ribbon-cutting ceremony for redesigned Consolidation and Containerization Point

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

DLA Distribution San Joaquin, the second largest distribution center in the DLA Distribution network located in Tracy, California, held a ribbon cutting ceremony Dec. 7 to celebrate the new redesign of the Consolidation and Containerization Point.  The CCP serves the Warfighters in the United States Indo-Pacific Command area of operations.


The San Joaquin team was honored to have DLA Distribution deputy commander Twila Gonzales, SES, participate in the ceremony along with the distribution center commander Marine Col. Andre Harrell. They both took the opportunity to address the guests, explaining the importance of the CCP’s redesign.


Gonzales talked about the strategic importance of the CCP in terms of supporting the United States Indo-Pacific combatant commanders and nearly 4,000 operational units. She went on to talk about the project being a well-synchronized effort between the DLA Distribution Headquarters, Installation Management-Operations, J6, and the distribution center, stating there was a tremendous amount of planning and coordination that went into the implementation of this $7 million redesign project.


“DLA Distribution is meeting the Defense Reform Initiative head-on. We are embracing DoD-wide efforts to use 21st Century advanced technology,” commented Gonzales. “As we redesign our warehouses, we will improve logistics response times while maintaining an operational commitment to safety, quality, audit readiness, cost effectiveness and productivity efficiency. In fact, the redesign of this CCP is a perfect example of our optimization efforts-reducing infrastructure costs by repurposing existing buildings.”


Harrell discussed the redesign efforts that spanned over seven months and has already yielded tremendous benefits to its customers.


“In a short period of time we have increased our processing capability by 35 percent and been able to load the sea van containers to 80 percent capacity versus an average of 65 to 70 percent historically. “ Harrell stated.


Harrell also took the opportunity to speak of safety. Since the new design of the CCP, there has not been one safety related injury or material handling equipment mishap.

Regarding future capability, Harrell stated, “The new design of the CCP came on line in early August and it reached initial operational capability in mid-October. The CCP plans to be fully operational capable when the system can auto populate induction data from the 2D bar code scan on the front end and can auto generate a shipping manifest for outbound processing which would increase processing capability by another 50 percent. The distribution center is currently working with J6 to bring this to fruition.”


Other highlights of the CCP redesign include installed vehicle mount terminals on material handling equipment and digital signage monitors placed on each of the outbound lanes.  Further, the redesign has reduced staffing requirements, mitigated surge-through technology, and optimized conveyor efficiencies for cross docking/transloading, reduced frustrated freight through General Services Administration partnering, providing better warehouse and processing visibility for Service Re-Directs and less Open Lines (items shipped without being scanned into the Distribution Standard System for tracking).


Harrell took the opportunity to reiterate his thanks to the leadership and customers present during the ceremony.


“DLA is leaning forward to modernize and keep pace with the commercial sector. We are proud of this new redesign and thank all of you for your continued leadership in our surrounding communities, and your strategic partnering efforts in service to our nation’s warfighters, first responders, interagency partners, and foreign allies,” concluded Harrell.