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News | Sept. 15, 2023

National Hispanic Heritage Spotlight: Yolanda Rodriguez

By Kylie Young, EEO Assistant

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution spotlights Yolanda Rodriguez, a transportation assistant at DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California.

Rodriguez believes that it is important to recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month.

“It is the celebration of the history of my ethnic heritage and my culture. Our authentic foods and special music bring families and friends together. Most importantly, the sacrifices our ancestors made and the hard work to incorporate a better life for their children.”

Something that Rodriguez believes to be unique to her heritage is her family traditions.

“Family traditions are continuous for our family and instilled to be carried on by our younger generation,” she said. “We embrace our holidays with celebrations with family, foods and/or help others in our family in need., The roots of our upbringing are the bonds we have with family and friends. Our foods are the upmost delicious foods that all cultures seem to enjoy.”

An important accomplishment that Rodriguez has achieved is that she is the second vice president of the National Defense Transportation Association.

“I am a member of the National Defense Transportation Association and am currently holding the position of second vice president,” she said. “We raise money to provide scholarships to students throughout San Joaquin County. Some of these events include golf tournaments and bingo events to have been able to spread out $20,000 a year to help those with their education.”

A little-known fact about Rodriguez is that she likes to volunteer whenever she can.

“An important aspect of my life is that I like to volunteer and help with causes that truly mean something to me. I do not hesitate to assist in an organization that I might belong to or help setup a fundraiser if needed. Some volunteering I have helped with is for people in need of medical assistance with bills, hardships due to unfortunate circumstances, or unexpected death and funds are needed. I dive in and get help from my immediate family to get the support to overcome these necessary funds and help as needed. I am currently involved with Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary and reach out to our Veterans to see that their needs are taken care of monthly as well. My main goal in my life is to help as much as I can and aid and volunteer my time.”

It is important to Rodriguez that DLA Distribution recognizes exactly how important that National Hispanic Heritage Month is.

“To me, it’s an honor that DLA Distribution recognizes our history, culture, and our past generation and it shows our heritage that our hard work is noticed.”

Rodriguez wants the DLA Distribution workforce to take from National Hispanic Heritage Month that it is important to recognize the hard work of Hispanic people.

“It is important that people understand the importance of our standards, purposes, and values. We work hard and our perseverance that we encumber in our daily work ethics shows.”