DLA Career Fields

DLA is among the largest federal agencies in terms of offering entry-level employment opportunities, and positions for experienced professionals of various talents, skills and degree areas. We are also one of the most diverse employers you will find.

Our own Diversity Vision pledges that the DLA will "Achieve organizational excellence through an environment (culture) where people and their individual differences and contributions are valued."

Some of the

major career


available at


Collage of professionals in the workplace

Accounting/Financial Management

DLA Finance obtains and allocates resources, analyzes execution, provides fiscal guidance and advice to support the Agency, its business areas, and its field activities in accomplishing DLA's mission in a manner which provides the best return on investment to the taxpayer. They do so through a highly motivated team of dedicated financial professionals who are innovative, well-trained, and committed to uncompromising customer support.

Accountants throughout the DLA Enterprise are responsible for preparing commitment and obligation documents, managing accounts receivables and accounts payable, reviewing system flowcharts and related documentation. They perform analysis on problem disbursements, reviewing adjustments, analyzing monthly financial data and performing comparative analysis.

Financial Management Specialist apply standard practices and procedures to phases of the annual budget and financial administration process, research regulatory material to obtain factual information, apply analytical techniques to research results, and report findings. They also provide technical expertise to management on budgeting and cost estimating in conjunction with multi-year funding programs. They review and advise on financial management issues that are characterized by diverse and innovative approaches.


This includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work involved in management analysis; stenography, typing, correspondence, and secretarial work; mail and file work; the operation of office appliances; the operation of communications equipment, use of codes and ciphers, and procurement of the most effective and efficient communications services; the operation of microform equipment, peripheral equipment, mail processing equipment, duplicating equipment, and copier/duplicating equipment; and other work of a general clerical and administrative nature.


One of the major logistics functions in any large organization, whether civilian or military, is contracting for supplies, services, and equipment from industrial corporations and research organizations. In DLA, this is a multibillion dollar effort involving the procurement of hardware and repair parts to keep weapon systems combat-ready. It also means outfitting our military personnel with the clothing, subsistence, and medical support to keep them able-bodied and well-equipped to serve our country.

Contract Specialists develop announcements and solicit bids and proposals; evaluate the quality of bids and proposals in terms of costs, technology, market conditions, and reliability of performance; negotiate terms; and recommend the contract award. Contract Specialists review purchase requests and related documents, clarify all facets of a proposed acquisition to ensure accuracy and completeness, prepare requests for proposals, conduct negotiations, prepare necessary award documentation, and administer the contracts until performance is completed. They also interface at various levels within organizations throughout the Agency as well as with external customers and contractors.


As an Engineer you will be responsible for providing professional engineering support in the award and administration of America's defense contracts. You will provide engineering expertise at both major industrial sites and small business facilities engaged in delivering products to our Nation's warfighters in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Defense commands.

Engineering Career Fields at DLA include general, mechanical, computer (software), electronics, aerospace, (environmental) and industrial.

Environmental Protection

DLA Disposition Services manages the disposal of hazardous property for DoD activities, maximizing the use of each item and minimizing environmental risks and costs.

Within DLA Disposition Services, Environmental Protection Specialists provide oversight and environmental program support to field activities. Environmental Protection Specialists maintain liaisons with the military services and other Federal agencies to exchange general disposal information, coordinate new programs, and promote Agency disposal programs. They prepare and present briefings on field activity operations or trends/new environmental developments. They evaluate the efficiency of disposal activities using statistical analysis and automated information systems reports and through quality assurance inspections and reports. They also identify and document environmental compliance status of field activities, contractor's storage, treatment or disposal facilities, and hazardous property sales customers.

Fire and Emergency Services

As a member of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Fire and Emergency Services team, it is our job to protect those who support the warfighters. DLA Fire and Emergency Services provides emergency response to a wide variety of fire, emergency medical, hazardous materials and rescue type incidents. Fire and Emergency Services is responsible for sending an appropriate level of response, with the right skills and equipment to the right place, at the right time. Our DLA Fire Departments participate in a very robust mutual aid program providing assistance in the local communities surrounding the various DLA installations. DLA firefighters not only provide response during emergencies they provide educational opportunities on various subjects such as fire safety and extinguisher operations. Our value to the installation community is measured by the service we provide. Every day our firefighters and fire prevention inspectors strive to provide the best emergency and non-emergency services possible to the DLA community.

Information Technology

This career field refers to systems and services used in the automated acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, assurance, or reception of information. This includes policy and planning, information security, systems analysis, applications software, operating systems, network services, and data management.

Throughout DLA, Information Technology Specialists administer a major part of the Information Technology program and are responsible for providing information on concept development, feasibility determination, design and development documentation, testing, implementation, and operational continuity to help management make sound decisions.

IT Professional

At DLA our database management and telecommunications systems are unparalleled. The operation of our computer systems affects nearly everyone you know, so you won't find the challenge of maintaining systems this complex and innovative anywhere else.

Our IT professionals keep our systems up-to-date with the constantly changing DLA programs. Career opportunities may exist in the following areas:

  • Network Services
  • Systems Analysis
  • Web Development
  • Data Management

Law Enforcement

As a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Police Officer, it is your job to maintain the rule of law on DLA installations. All police activities associated with DLA facilities, from securing perimeters, traffic control, entry control points, vehicle passes, personnel ID cards, to emergency preparedness, fall under this career field. In addition, your responsibilities include ensuring the safety of all DLA property and personnel from hostile threats of any kind. Security personnel are also trained in the proper use of firearms and to control and safeguard arms, ammunition and equipment.

Product Specialist (Quality Assurance/Technical)

This career field includes positions that involve technical work concerned with monitoring, controlling, and maintaining the quality and reliability of materiel, services, or processes. The work includes the operation and use of statistical quality assurance techniques, the preparation and use of statistical technical standards, and the overall management of the quality of materiel.

Product Specialists (Quality Assurance/Technical) assure that contractors furnishing supplies and equipment to the military meet all specifications and contractual requirements. Quality Assurance Specialists prepare and issue Quality Assurance letters of instruction; participate in pre-bid conferences, pre-award surveys, post award conferences, and first article test inspections; evaluate Quality Assurance procedures, reports, inspection, and test results/methods; and other operational aspects involving assigned items or commodities.

Property Disposal

In DLA Disposition Services, DLA disposes of excess property received from the military services. The inventory changes daily and includes everything from air conditioners to vehicles, clothing to computers, and much more. The Agency manages the DoD surplus property sales program. Excess property that is not reutilized, transferred, or donated may be sold to the public as surplus.

Within DLA Disposition Services, Property Disposal Specialists provide technical advice, guidance, and assistance on property disposal compliance and/or the development of quality assurance programs. Property Disposal Specialists provide oversight and evaluate the efficiency of assigned disposal activities through statistical analysis, automated information system reports, and quality assurance inspections and reports. They assist in the revision or development of new policy, procedures, and process improvements to define and support Agency strategic and tactical objectives. They identify requirements; coordinate development; and implement new and revised policies, procedures, plans, and programs. Property Disposal Specialists grant waivers to established policy and recommend approval or disapproval of changes to policy. They also maintain liaisons with the military services and other Federal agencies to exchange general disposal information, coordinate new programs, promote Agency disposal programs, and prepare and present briefings to senior property disposal managers on field activity operations or trends/new property disposal developments.


A fundamental element of DLA logistics is Supply Management. A wide spectrum of commodities and items is needed to meet military requirements. DLA procures, manages, stores, and distributes 4.1 million items for U.S. military customers, other U.S. Federal agencies, and allied forces throughout the world.

  • Supply Management Specialists make use of automated data processing to ensure there is sufficient materiel to support the military mission by managing local inventories and acting as liaison to assure adequacy and availability of supplies. They specialize in such areas as inventory control, supply distribution, storage and shipping, cataloging, and preservation and packaging.

  • Resolution Specialists research and resolve inventory discrepancies related to customers' orders. They perform inventory reconciliation activities by investigating discrepancies, initiating inventory comparisons, making recommendations in denials and cancellations, and following up on redistribution orders. Resolution Specialists respond to distribution centers, supply centers, and customers worldwide that have questions or problems relating to items managed by DLA.

  • Demand Planners analyze and adjust historical demand data used for statistical forecasting. Demand Planners assist in the development and enrichment of the Demand Plan by combining elements of statistical forecasts, collaborative demand plans, product demand intelligence, and prior statistical forecasts/demand plans. Using these statistical forecasts, the Demand Planners will collaborate with DLA customers to identify their upcoming needs and any changes to their supply requirements.

  • Customer Account Specialists process customer requirements by entering and reviewing orders, editing information for completeness and validity, determining availability of requested items and associated replacements/substitutes, and coordinating and validating shipment information. Customer Account Specialists process and expedite priority backorders related to routing supply problems for customer requisitions. They receive and respond to emergency supply assistance requests and provide customers with timely information relating to specific items, including price, product uses, technical specification data, quality, andwarranty information.

  • Supply Planners participate in the evaluation of the source data generated by the deployment plan including planned orders and planned arrivals. Supply Planners assist in reviewing Time Phased Inventory Plan planning rules, planning parameters, and master data changes and resolve any exceptions.