Resiliency - Mental Pillar

The ability to effectively cope with mental stressors and challenges. Pay attention to your needs and feelings. Our thoughts control our energy.

Help is only one call away


  • Safe Helpline 877-955-5247 worldwide sexual assault support for the DOD community 
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 supporting individuals who may be considering suicide

Ohio - Local

  • choices 614-244-4663 supporting victims of domestic violence
  • Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio 614-267-7020 supporting victims of sexual assault
  • DWAVE 614-678-5476 support for victims of violence in the deaf community 
  • Franklin County Children Services 614-229-7000 preventing and reporting abuse of children 
  • BRAVO 866-862-7286 support for victims of violence in the LGBTQ community


  • MWR Family Advocacy Program 614-692-7217 DSCC on-site support provided through MWR's Family Advocacy Program
  • Sexual Prevention and Response Program 800-841-0937 worldwide sexual assault prevention and response for the DLA community
  • DLA Employee Assistance Program 614-692-2000 preventing and reporting workplace violence and abuse    




First…what is Network Optimization? As a result of changes that have occurred at many of the Service’s bases, ports,and air stations, DLA Disposition Services has spent the last year analyzing data, reviewing our facilities and infrastructure, and assessing the number of employees currently assigned at each of our over eighty Disposition Services sites across the United States.  Our goal is to ensure that as the Services change we respond to the changes appropriately so we can continue to deliver optimal support to our warfighting customers.


DLA Disposition Services Director Memos


Director Memo, 03/17/2017

Director Memo, 12/09/2016


Updated News


Transportation Memo for Disposition Services CONUS Customers 09/16/2018

For users potentially impacted by Network Optimization, please review the transportation instructions to ensure that you are turning in property to the correct DLA Disposition Services location.   


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Navy Strategic Brief

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Network Optimization Customer FAQs

Network Optimization Tr-Fold Brochure

How do I directly ship my property to a DLA Disposition Services Site?