Conducting Business with DLA Distribution

Register in the System for Award Management (SAM)

All vendors interested in conducting business with DLA Distribution and the Federal Government in general must establish an account and complete the registration process.

The SAM provides a "single face" to a vendor registering to do business with the Federal Government. The contractor is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the data and is the only one authorized to change their data. The government uses the SAM data internally to expedite the exchange of information among various agencies, including payment offices.

Obtain a CAGE code

During the SAM process, vendors will be assigned a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code. This code is a unique identifier for vendors conducting business with the Federal Government.

Register with SBA

All vendors that qualify as a small business should register in the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS). The DSBS is a database of all small businesses that is available to procurement officials when searching for companies with which to conduct business. Small businesses self- certify in this database; it is extremely essential that all information input into this database be completely accurate. Additional information is available on the SBA website.

Bid on DLA Distribution Business

After vendors have completed all the required registrations, they may bid on any Federal business opportunity. Vendors may search specifically for DLA Distribution business opportunities with an estimated value over $3,000 on DLA's Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS). DLA Distribution business opportunities estimated greater than $25,000 are posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website.