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DLA Aviation awards ceremony recognizes outstanding employees
The first-ever DLA Aviation Annual Awards Ceremony was conducted virtually, as well as in-person in the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia June 29, 2021. The inaugural military honorees, all from the Customer Operations Directorate, are Navy Lt. Cmdr. Juan (Tony) Luevano, a weapon systems program officer with the Navy Customer Facing Division; Marine Corps Capt. Katherine Pollock, a F/A-18 weapon systems program manager and Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Brian Scoggins, an aviation armament systems support chief, both with the Marine Corps Customer Facing Division; and Air Force Tech Sgt. Anthony Mendoza, a materiel management enlisted career broadener with the Air Force Customer Facing Division. Civilian contributions to the mission are paramount, and the awards ceremony also honored the efforts of three employees: Jay Castro, a materials handler with DLA Aviation at Ogden; Philip Smith, an avionics supervisor with DLA Aviation at Jacksonville; and John “Jack” Whaley [not pictured], a contracting officer in the Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate. The ceremony will become an annual event to recognize DLA Aviation team members for outstanding accomplishments. (Graphic by Natalie Skelton)