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News | Dec. 5, 2016

Senior DOD leaders discuss clothing and textiles support

By Mikia Muhammad DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

Senior logistics leaders from the Department of Defense, including Defense Logistics Agency and military services, discussed clothing and textiles management during an executive board meeting Nov. 17.

Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support hosted the Joint Clothing and Textiles Governance Board as part of a DOD directive to ensure collaboration and integration of clothing and textiles activities.

DLA Troop Support Commander Army Brig. Gen. Charles Hamilton chairs the board as a representative of the DLA Director. The Office of the Secretary of Defense oversees the board and representatives from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Joint Staff serve as members.

"Given the unique nature of the C&T supply chain it's extremely important that we, DLA and the military services are on the same accord,” Hamilton said, “when it comes to DOD-wide integration of clothing and textiles activities. The Joint C&T Governance Board was an excellent collaborative session in streamlining our efforts to continue providing the best uniforms and equipment for our warfighters."

Clothing and Textiles Director Air Force Col. Lawrence Hicks said he was amazed at the level the DOD is integrating the supply chain.

“Whether it's design, acquisition or sustainment, the services are working together to a high degree,” Hicks said. “Even though our uniforms may be different colors, we are collaborating and integrating to a higher degree than people realize.” 

C&T Supervisory Logistics Systems Analyst Helen Newell lead the coordination for the JCTGB which facilitates decision-making in regards to policy, she said.

“We’re working together to save tax payers money,” Newell said.

The JCTGB took place within the same week of the Joint C&T Advisory Board, a sub-working group to the JCTGB, and the Cross Service-Warfighter Equipment Board, where DLA and the military services convene on equipment requirements.

“The essence of these meetings is to coordinate DOD joint warfighter uniform and equipment investments,” Hicks said, “with the goal of ensuring that the most effective and efficient solutions are acquired, fielded and sustained. If we get the acquisition and fielding done right up front, then it makes the sustainment, that DLA does, much easier and more effective.”