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News | Feb. 22, 2017

Red River’s Merrell retires with almost 51 years of federal service

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Shirley Merrell, a supply system analyst with DLA Distribution Red River, Texas, recently retired with nearly 51 years of federal service.

Merrell, who began her federal career out of high school, joined DLA when the organization took over the supply function at Red River Army Depot.

Beginning her career as a wage grade employee, Merrell moved throughout many different supply positions with installation host Red River Army Depot.  Upon joining DLA in 1991, Merrell held the position of lead supply technician until transitioning to her current duties as supply systems analyst in August 2009.

During her nearly 51-year career, Merrell has seen many transformations. She called the transformation in technologies the highlight of her career. 

“I was in supply when the system went to the Storage and Distribution System, and then I saw the change from SDS to Distribution Standard System,” Merrell said. “I served on the cadre team for DSS implementation and testing at our distribution center. I did the training of inventory counts for the workforce both on the regular computer as well as the handheld.”

With technology evolving throughout her career, Merrell said, the key to her success has been learning her job well. This not only leads to customer satisfaction, but also to personal job satisfaction, she said.

Merrell credits her time on the DLA Distribution expeditionary team as an experience for which she is thankful.  “I’ve had the opportunity to travel to places I probably would not have gone to on my own, both within the United States as well as abroad.” 

Overall, Merrell says she is very thankful for her career with the federal government.  “I am very fortunate to have worked for the Army and DLA.  The experience has allowed me to raise a family, and surround myself with hard workers, dedicated to serving the warfighter.”

In conclusion, Merrell would like everyone to know, “Over the years I have worked with and met people from all over the world. It has been an experience I will never forget and has made me a better person for knowing and working with them.”