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News | March 9, 2017

Agency leaders show support for SAPR program

By Dianne Ryder

On March 8, designated as International Women’s Day, Defense Logistics Agency leaders took a break from Executive Board business to address an important issue to both women and men – sexual assault prevention and response.  

Andrea Verdino, a DLA SAPR specialist, spoke about DLA Director Air Force Lt. Gen. Andy Busch’s commitment to prevention of sexual assault and harassment.

“If not for his constant support, we would not be where we are today,” she said. “DLA has established a very robust sexual assault prevention and response program — probably the most robust DoD agency program.”

Verdino explained that she and SAPR program manager Renée Ferranti focus on establishing policy, contributing training curriculum and providing outreach materials to the DLA workforce. 

Verdino invited Busch to be the first to sign the DLA 2017 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month Proclamation. 

After Busch signed the proclamation, he thanked Verdino, Ferranti, DLA Human Resources Deputy Director Billie Keeler and Human Resources Director Brad Bunn. 

“There’s some really bad behavior and some really troubling instances of people not respecting one another, particularly within the bond that many of us share who wear the uniform,” Busch said. “Sexual assault is the most troubling manifestation of these behaviors.”

Busch described the DLA SAPR program as “solid.”

“We have more work to do, but I think the policy and the resources are key to the longevity of any kind of program,” he said. “I’m very pleased to sign the proclamation and the executive leadership will be asked to do so at the break.”

Verdino said the DLA SAPR Office will provide copies of the proclamation to all DLA field activities to display in their buildings. The office also has several events planned for April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.