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News | April 1, 2017

Going the distance for SAPR - DLA Virtual Challenge & Competition

By Shari Murnahan DLA Land and Maritime SAPR Team

PURPOSE. In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month (SAAPM), the DLA SAPR program invites all DLA employees, worldwide, to participate in a virtual “Going the Distance for SAPR” challenge. Our goal is to get the word out across the DLA enterprise about the SAPR program and resources, but most important, participation will show support for survivors.

This challenge will be going on for the entire month of April. We will abide by the honor system and participants will track and report their individual progress weekly using the attached tracker. Email the tracker weekly to SAPR Team.

  • Participants can earn points via a variety of activities. Physical activities such as Fitness Center classes, usual exercise, such as; walking, running, swimming, cycling, strength building step counting can earn points and be logged on their tracker. Distance should be logged in points (for example: 30 minutes of strength training equals 500 points or 1 mile of distance activity/ 2000 steps equals 100 points). Points can also be earned by wearing teal on Tuesday’s in April, “liking” the DSCC MWR Facebook page, participating in activities such as Walk a Lap for a Survivor, Denim Day and Climate of Respect events.
  • Registration will be ongoing through the month. Participants can register anytime throughout the month and start tracking their progress. Interested participants should register by email the SAPR Team.

Progress will be updated on the DLA SAPR website.

  • The PLFA, J, or D Code with the most points at the end of the month will be recognized.
  • Land & Maritime Directorates with the most points will be recognized weekly.
  • Individual participants with the most points at the conclusion of the challenge will receive special recognition.

Please feel free to contact us at, for any questions or concerns.Thank you for your support!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign up to participate? Interested participants can register by email the SAPR Team; contact your SARC; or register at local events. (DLA MWR Host Sites ONLY). The tracker is available for download/print..

Do you register as a group or individual? Individual. Participants are responsible for tracking their individual points weekly on the tracker provided. Your points will be added to your PLFA or J/D Code totals. Points will also be added to your local Land & Maritime Directorate total for the weekly competition.

How do you win? The PLFA with the most points at the end of the month wins (the J/D Codes will be counted together). Individual participants with the most points will receive special recognition. Your Local Land & Maritime Directorate with the most points at the end of the month will also be recognized.

How can we check on the standings? Progress will be updated on the DLA SAPR website.

How do we report our points? Participants will email their trackers weekly to the SAPR Team, drop the tracker off at an MWR fitness facility (DLA MWR Host Sites ONLY), or contact the DLA SARC.

How do we earn points? Points vary for Land & Maritime Activities.

April 1 - 30

  • Wear Teal on Tuesdays = 100 points
  • Place ribbon on the tree located in Building 20's Café = 100 points
  • Walk a Lap for a Survivor on 4/12 = 500 points
  • Take a Teal Tuesday WELLBEATS class = 500 points
  • Count your steps - 2,000 steps = 100 points
  • Like DSCCMWR on Facebook = 100 points
  • Submit Denim Day Photos to the SAPR Team = 200 points
  • Participate in "Climate of Respect" on 4/20 = 1,000 points