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News | April 6, 2017

DLA Distribution commanding general visits DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California

By Annette Silva DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution commanding general Army Brig. Gen. John Laskodi visited DLA’s western Strategic Distribution Platform to conduct a town hall and tour the distribution center’s facilities.

The day kicked off with a stop at the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1546 spaces. Laskodi engaged with the union team and presented his commander’s coin to the group for their efforts to support the workforce, labor-management partnership, morale, cultural events, and employee relations at the site. The tour also included a walk-through of the site’s Consolidation and Containerization Point and installation’s Child Development Center.

Following the tour, Laskodi hosted a town hall for the distribution center’s second-shift employees. He opened the meeting by thanking the workforce for its support of the distribution mission. 

He stressed the importance of metrics, stating that all distribution centers need to achieve metric goals as they are integral to customers. A benefit of remaining green in metrics conveys a positive picture to customers that materiel is delivered with quality and on time for mission fulfillment, he added.

Laskodi then explained the importance of audit readiness, stating that when money is saved it enhances the customer’s missions. He applauded the San Joaquin team for its phenomenal efforts in audit readiness, saying, “You are knocking audit readiness out of the park. Reports coming back from the audit team are glowing.”

He went on to explain that audit readiness gives the Distribution network a competitive advantage into the future and reiterated that following processes is critical to ensuring zero deficiencies. 

He emphasized safety as a top priority, explaining that it is important to work safe in what is an inherently dangerous environment, and stated that if an employee sees an unsafe act it is his/her responsibility to correct it on the spot to avoid injury. Further, he stressed that if processes are followed employees can avoid injury.

Workforce development was another top priority discussed. According to Laskodi, in order to attain a high-performing team, leaders must ensure that employees are developed in the most productive and positive way. 

He continued to say that leaders throughout the distribution enterprise receive the High-Powered Leadership course, as well as other beneficial courses; however, it is important to strive to reach all employees. 

Laskodi asked the San Joaquin leadership to create a picture of how the organization plans to grow and then provide the necessary training tools to set employees up for success.

“The leadership of DLA Distribution San Joaquin is truly making a significant difference in our support to our Pacific Command facing customers.  Phenomenal accomplishment by the DDJC team achieving six straight months of green metrics for average days coupled with meeting percent, on-time metrics for the first time,” Laskodi commented. “Congratulations to the team on achieving this significant milestone and for all the hard work!”

In addition to the town hall, Laskodi congratulated the individual Global Distribution Award winners and presented his commander’s coin to six high-performing employees.