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News | April 13, 2017

DLA Distribution commander discusses warfighter support with Troop Support leaders

By Mikia Muhammad DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

The Defense Logistics Agency Distribution commander touted how his team works with DLA Troop Support to provide the best warfighter support at the best value for the Department of Defense during a visit to Philadelphia April 7.

“We deliver capabilities to the warfighter, and that’s what it’s all about,” Army Brig. Gen. John Laskodi said during a meeting with DLA Troop Support senior leaders and other Distribution representatives. “[At DLA Distribution] we’re a culture that wants to get better every single day. And as you’re making your acquisitions, look to see what’s the smart decision for the [DOD].”

DLA Distribution provides global support to America’s military, including receiving, storing and issuing supplies, and other tailored services to increase warfighter readiness.

During a round table discussion, the leaders from two of DLA’s primary level field activities discussed collaboration and their mutual goals.

Supply chain leaders gave updates on current collaborative support, including providing religious items for service members celebrating Palm Sunday, Passover and Easter services.

“We’re delivering Seder kits, sacramental wine and palm, and the support has been extraordinary from you guys,” Clothing and Textiles Acting Customer Operations Director Richard Miller told the group from Distribution.

DLA Troop Support Deputy Commander Richard Ellis said that religious support for the warfighter is a good example of how the two PLFAs work together.

“Communication is important,” Ellis said. “Knowing who to call is important. It’s good to have folks that understand our business in your organization.”

Visiting Distribution representatives Brad Bellis, J3 Current Operations, and Jim McCormack, Business Development, are both former Troop Support employees.

“We appreciate the partnership with all of the PLFAs,” Laskodi said. “It’s a really collaborative environment and this has been a great discussion. I really do appreciate all of the great perspectives here. If there’s something we can be doing better, that’s what I want to get after.”