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News | May 12, 2017

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

People and Culture

LTC Clarisse T. Scott with spouse PatrickPeople and Culture at DSCC recognizes and appreciates the positive impact spouses have on our military and their branches. Spouses are an essential part of the military and contribute to readiness by allowing our service members to remain focused on their missions. 

Spouses are the "force behind the force" and support the service members with courage through difficult circumstances, including numerous household moves and stressful deployments.

Spouses are vital to the strength, resilience and readiness of our military communities. They are actively engaged in our local, civilian communities while helping our service members serve, reintegrate and remain strong.

Today, we like to take a moment to say thank you to the spouses.

Pictured above is LTC Clarisse T. Scott with spouse Patrick Scott.


Military Spouse Appreciation Day

  • In 1984, President Ronald Regan declared May 23 as the first Military Spouse Day in Proclamation 5184.
  • The U.S. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger standardized the date by declaring the Friday before Mother's Day as Military Spouse Appreciation Day.
  • In 1999, Congress officially made the observance a part of National Military Appreciation Month.