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News | May 23, 2017

Distribution headquarters hosts AMC commanding general

By Dawn Bonsell DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Army General Gustave F. Perna, commanding general of the U.S. Army Materiel Command visited DLA Distribution May 18 for an overview of DLA Distribution and senior leader roundtable. 

Starting the visit with an office call with Distribution commanding general Army Brig. Gen. John S. Laskodi, they shifted into a round table discussion with key Distribution staff to receive an organizational overview highlighting DLA Distribution’s 38 distribution centers worldwide, with particular focus on the how Distribution supports Army readiness. Perna was impressed with the innovative efforts of the Distribution team and its drive toward preparing for the future and commented “We need to be ready for the near peer competitor fight.”

Laskodi described how Distribution is currently supporting Army readiness and how Distribution will continue to support the services into the future, highlighting the agency’s vision, “An adaptive, innovative organization which always delivers the right things…at the right place, at the right time.” Touching on Distribution’s in progress Campaign Plan, Laskodi explained that it essentially outlines where DLA Distribution plans to focus its efforts over the next several decades in order to support the future requirements of the warfighter based on the future joint operating environment.  Specifically, the plan lays out the need for updated technologies within the Distribution system by defining what technology system requirements and tools are needed to automate current metrics reporting processes and implementing that technology throughout the enterprise. In particular, the discussion focused around building readiness, SRM, modernization and optimization processes.  The group discussed how Distribution is attacking cost drivers and improving efficiencies by focusing on the design phase of new buildings and automating around the process. The leadership team also outlined Distribution’s supply support to Army installations, including the performance for Army global customers and industrial support at co-located CONUS and OCONUS army installations.

In his closing remarks, Perna presented the Distribution leadership team with a challenge, saying “I want more. I want it faster and I need your help. I encourage you to think bigger than the organization, bigger than yourself.”   Perna concluded the roundtable by thanking DLA Distribution for hosting him. "This has been very helpful for me. I learned a lot and I appreciate all you’re doing. I appreciate your leadership and continuing self-assessment."