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News | Aug. 16, 2017

Oklahoma City Selected Maj. Gen. Kenneth L. Privratsky For Distribution Center Excellence Award

By Dana Smith DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Oklahoma City has been awarded the Maj. Gen. Kenneth L. Privratsky Distribution Center Excellence Award.  

Improvements made included quickly processing approximately 183,000 routine material release orders that lead to an 11 percent increase compared to 2015 routines. Facilitated stock replenishment for over 200 base supply accounts precluding hundreds of mission impaired capabilities. There was a superb allied support of 28,000 shipments to 65 Foreign Military Sales partners plus Afghanistan and Iraq.

Increased timely movement and shipment of over 427,000 outbound commodities via air, surface and sea comprised of 15 million pounds of materials led to being destined to over 250 DOD world-wide locations. 

Astute monthly analysis of breach, pick, manifest and delivery times ensured the timely delivery of about 127,000 lower priority routine stock replenishments to over 20 DLA Aviation retail air force shop service centers.

DLA Distribution Oklahoma City achieved an average monthly breach-to-pick time of four hours, average monthly manifest time for consolidated routines of about nine hours and monthly deliveries averages of six hours. This led to a total average of a little over 19 hours that was considered 74 percent better than the goal. These efforts directly contributed to an overall cut in replenishment time by 30 hours and 40 minutes. 

DLA Distribution Oklahoma City receipt induction operation tweaks exceeded eight receiving goals. These included beating on time goal for 59,000 new procurement receipts by under one percent and process time by 11 hours or 51 percent; also the time goal of customer return receipts was improved by about 8 percent and process time by 84 percent. 

Further operation tweaks included outdoing on time goal for about 6,000 redistribution order receipts by two percent, process time by 40 percent, beating on time goal of 30,000 stock transport order receipts by approximately seven percent, process time by 68 percent, and expertly creating a process that reduced customer wait time rate by at least 60 percent for DLA Senior Executive Service new procurement material. 

For the timely stow of over 205,000 warehouse put-away tickets, DLA Distribution Oklahoma City attained a 94 percent rate. Strong operations in 11 major multi-million dollar warehouses led to an $11 billion inventory account. Also, packing and crating operational work plan executed by 120 personnel resulted in the quality completion of over 528,000 pack work orders that generated revenue of approximately $10 million. DLA Distribution Oklahoma City significantly contributed to the major customer’s ability to cut the average KC-135 aircraft Programmed Depot Maintenance time 50 percent for over 70 KC-135 PDMs a year. 

DLA Distribution Oklahoma City volunteered to host the pilot DLA Headquarters issue from receiving initiative. Headquarters situation report stated: “The Strategic Management System infrared pilot test at DLA Distribution Oklahoma is more than 70 percent complete with five days remaining. 234 receipts for back ordered SMS material have been received, resulting in 298 issues being released within 24 hours of receipt induction.” The report concluded: “The remaining 72 percent is being sent to storage after the 24 hour infrared waiting period. Feedback thus far has been positive.” DLA Distribution Oklahoma continues to use the SMS infrared initiative and reduced customer wait time for SMS material to a matter of a few hours while reducing potential denials by over 10 percent.  

DLA Distribution Oklahoma City, Oklahoma improvement rates include the March high priority rates that were 45 percent on time and averaging 13 days. DLA Distribution Oklahoma City ended 2016 with a 90 percent on time and averaging about two days for an improvement of 45 percent and 11 days. Likewise, March routine rates were 68 percent on time and averaging about 10 days. The facility ended 2016 with a 99 percent on time and averaging about 3 days for an improvement of 30 percent and seven days. Also the Foreign Military Sales team eliminated a backlog of over 4,000 FMS shipments waiting to be processed. 

Through active involvement and coordination with the host until fire department DLA Distribution Oklahoma City discovered that well over half of DLA Distribution Oklahoma City’s 690 fire extinguishers can be removed from service. This results in an annual savings of approximately $29,000 in contractor support for inspection, recharge, and exchange as well as over 500 monthly inspection man-hours saved. 

DLA Distribution Oklahoma City thriftiness and strict compliance with mission essential spending guidance directly contributed to returning eight percent of our labor budget as well as 15 percent of our non-labor allocated budget to headquarters in 2016 resulting in an overall significant savings of $4 million. 

DLA Distribution Oklahoma City reduced energy consumption by approximately 40 percent in 2016 and won the overall thinker air force base coveted “FY16 How Low Can You Go Contest” award during competition amongst the 15 major organizations assigned to Tinker Air Force Base ever quarter during 2016. Initiatives taken by the distribution center to improve working conditions included enhanced quality of life by free cardiac risk profile screenings that became available for over 400 employees.

DLA Distribution Oklahoma City generously donated well over $5,000 to the Combined Federal Campaign. Generous donations included over 500 pounds of food to feed the hungry and for those in need during the Holiday. Other initiatives included raising over $3,000 to fund end of the hear Employee Appreciation Picnic & Holiday Party for 400 employees. DLA Distribution Oklahoma City is assigned an overall DLA Oklahoma City Voluntary Protection Program site lead for over 900 DLA employees. The Old Voluntary Protection Program’s effort had stagnated at Stage II level, but achieved 51 percent completion rate during an initial Stage III Safety Management Center of Excellence Team assistance visit; quoted as “the best they’ve ever seen!”

The Embraced Voluntary Protection Program conducted 62 safety reenactments published lessons. As a result, it was discovered that they were directly contributing to a DLA Oklahoma City two percent total case incident rate vice five percent Occupational Safety and Health Administration / Bureaus Labor Statistics standard. Also they achieved a Lost Time Case Rate of under one percent against OSHA / BLS’s goal of under two percent. Overall recorded mishaps decreased 15 percent from 2015 to 2016. The number of injuries also declined 30 percent from 2015 to 2016. 

Improvements in the gas heating units were made when 352 units were replaced with 223 infrared elements; doing away with steam heat in 14 facilities.

“Team DLA Distribution Oklahoma City continuously strives to streamline the distribution pipeline to enhance theater distribution effectiveness and efficiency,” said Ned LaViolet, distribution center director. “There is no doubt that this workforce’s expertise and dedication are the driving forces behind our success.”