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News | Aug. 17, 2017

Employee progress reviews offer opportunity for DLA Distribution

By Polly Charbonneau, Deputy Director, DLA Distribution J9 DLA Distribution Public Affairs

To enhance learning the Department of Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program, DLA Distribution recently hosted a series of video teleconferences and an in-person Leadership Forum to conduct a network-wide In Progress Review of DPMAP implementation.  

Twila Gonzales, Senior Executive Service, DLA Distribution deputy commander, led the reviews with support from Ed Visker, DLA Distribution Joint Force Development director. 

During the IPRs, managers, supervisors, employees, and union partners from across the distribution network discussed multiple aspects of DPMAP to include what is working well, what needs improvement, successes, best practices, and concerns.  The Leadership Forum consisted of supervisors from DLA Distribution headquarters and touched on the same topics as the IPR VTCs.   

To prepare for the IPR, Gonzales challenged the distribution centers to complete progress reviews with 25 percent or more of their employees, with the purpose of assessing how well Distribution is tracking performance and to practice conducting feedback sessions. This exercise further provided an excellent opportunity to engage with the workforce and to practice with the MyPerformance tool, including employee journal entries and challenges using the new system.  

"As a result of the IPR, DLA Distribution has some minor refinements to make but, we are on-track with the DoD and Agency intent of leveraging DPMAP to enhance employee involvement and engagement in performance management," said Visker.

DLA Distribution plans to conduct another DPMAP IPR in October after the mid-year reviews are completed.  The intent of the follow-up IPR is to gauge progress, advancements in employee engagement, improved familiarity using the MyPerformance system, as well as capture further refinements required to ensure effective DPMAP execution.