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News | Sept. 26, 2017

DLA Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas Bounces Back from Hurricane Harvey

By Dawn Bonsell DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas is bouncing back from wind damage sustained from Hurricane Harvey, a category-4 hurricane that formed in the Gulf of Mexico and made landfall in southeastern Texas with wind speeds of up to 130 miles per hour. In the days following the hurricane, rain added another element of destruction to the already damaged area. 

DDCT Commander, Army Lt. Col. Daniel J. Bidetti swiftly accounted for all employees and then jumped into action to assess the damage to DLA Distribution buildings located on Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. Two DLA Distribution buildings received damage in the hurricane’s sweep across the base. Major damage includes structural damage to one storage building that was condemned as well as major roof and water damage to building 1846 the main DDCT mission operation Center.  A damage assessment team from DLA Distribution, including DLA Installation Support engineers and consulting architects and engineers worked with Naval Facilities Engineering, Bidetti, DDCT Deputy Commander Jeremy Beckwith and their staff to conduct an emergency assessment of the facilities. As clean-up efforts began, Bidetti, Beckwith and their staff rolled up their sleeves, climbed on the building 1846 roof, and began clearing the drains in preparation for the anticipated rainfall.  

As the assessment team surveyed the damage to DDCT buildings, they found only one building to be a total loss--a storage building. Since it is unrepairable, it will be demolished and rebuilt.  Approximately 60-70 percent of building 1846’s existing roof was blown off and roof drains, intake vents and smoke hatches were damaged as Hurricane Harvey’s winds swept across the base. Inside the building, the administrative area was damaged from water coming in from the roof drain, damaging the ceiling tiles, video-conferencing equipment, carpet, furniture, work stations and computer equipment. Interior clean-up included the use of shop vacuums, fans, dehumidifiers and air conditioning to dry out the impacted areas. The existing chiller system was also damaged including the pump motor and controls.  In addition, the canopy over the pedestrian entrance door was blown off and damaged. 

The Navy’s Global Contingency Construction Contract will be utilized to make temporary repairs to the damaged roof and administrative area. The temporary roof repair and administrative area cleanup and repairs for building 1846 is estimated to cost $675,000. Ironically, a permanent roof replacement for building 1846 was already in the planning stages long before Hurricane Harvey’s arrival. NAVFC has already solicited a contract to replace the entire roof with an anticipated cost of $2.5 million. 

DLA Distribution commander Army Brig. Gen. John S. Laskodi visited DDCT one week after Hurricane Harvey’s landfall. Laskodi addressed the non-displaced workforce and thanked them for everything they do to support the warfighter.  According to Bidetti, “DLA Distribution’s response to the clean-up following Hurricane Harvey is commendable, showing the true resiliency of the DDCT workforce as they worked diligently to quickly clean up debris and return to the business of supporting the Warfighter.”