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News | Sept. 28, 2017

Installation Support hosts Preparedness Training

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

In support of National Preparedness Month, DLA Installation Support at Susquehanna’s Security and Emergency Services conducted a Preparedness Training session at DLA Distribution headquarters on September 19.
The session reviewed emergency prevention measures such as “See-Something, Say-Something”, iWatch, response measures in the event of an Active Shooter, and protective measures such as shelter in place and evacuation.

The training, hosted by Wayne Rhodes, installation emergency manager, began with the topic of Threat Prevention, detailing how employees can ensure they are prepared for an active threat in the workplace.  “Make sure you have an Emergency Action Plan in place.  Supervisors should be reviewing those plans with you two times per year,” said Rhodes.  He also urged attendees to keep their AdHoc information up to date, and to be familiar with the installation’s emergency contact numbers.

After Tim Moore, installation antiterrorism officer, highlighted potential workplace violence indicators that could lead to an active shooter event in the workplace, Officer Mike Grogan provided a brief outline of the proper “Run-Hide-Fight” response to such an event.  “Get to know the building as specifically as possible.  Because when you call us, we need to know ‘What wing?  What floor?  What door number?’ in order to respond as swiftly as possible,” said Grogan.

Moving on to natural and manmade hazards that could affect the workplace, Rhodes stressed to the audience to understand the purpose of a Shelter in Place location. “This is not where you’d want to run in the event of an active shooter,” said Rhodes.  “These are preplanned locations to shelter against severe weather or a Hazardous Materials incident.”

Rhodes explained that by sheltering in place during a dangerous weather or Hazardous Materials incident, supervisors and first responders are able to better account for employees and their safety.

Finally, the training concluded with an abbreviated fire extinguisher training.  After differentiating between the different types of fire extinguishers and their respective uses, DLA Installation Support firefighters provided an acronym - PASS or, “Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep” - to help audience members remember how to use the ABC fire extinguisher, the kind most often found in DLA Distribution facilities.  

You can find more information on National Preparedness Month at