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News | Oct. 16, 2017

DLA Distribution meets with ROK Army partners to discuss PACOM support, hurricane support logistics

By Emily Tsambiras DLA Distribution Public Affairs

To educate the organization’s partners and customers from the Republic of Korea on how DLA’s network is set up to support the Combatant Commands- particularly in the Pacific- DLA Distribution commanding general Army Brig. Gen. John S. Laskodi hosted ROK Army Logistics Command commanding general Lt. Gen. Lee, Jeong Keun and several other ROK ALC representatives Oct. 12.

First, Laskodi and his leadership team highlighted how DLA Distribution’s network of distribution centers around the globe is strategically located to provide tailored service to each of the COCOMs, with an expeditionary capability provide a quick and agile Distribution response to satisfy emergent or surging requirements.

“We position ourselves where the customers require us and we remain flexible to the needs of the COCOMs.  The goal is always to provide the right things, at the right place, at the right time.  This is why over the past year we have established a [Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point] in Okinawa, Japan; supported the Central Command Trans Arabian Network initiative; and integrate DLA Distribution capabilities into the Africa Command West Africa Logistics Network.  And we will continue to align our network as customer requirements shift and change.”

Laskodi added that the organization’s expeditionary capability is an invaluable add on to the network, as it allows the organization to deploy a team to perform distribution operations, warehousing, and, when required, obtain facilities/equipment anywhere in the world where Distribution may not currently have a permanent site.  Successful proof of this concept has been demonstrated many times over, said Laskodi, citing examples such as the operation’s support to United Assistance in 2014, during which the team facilitated the distribution of critical supplies for the establishment of Ebola treatment centers; 2016’s support of the Iraq and Syria Humanitarian mission; and, most recently, support to those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

The group also discussed improvements to the organization’s Foreign Military Sales Program, which aims to improve security cooperation effectiveness and efficiency by ensuring that the Department of Defense has the tools and authorities to help partner countries build their defense logistics capacity.  South Korea is an active participant in the program, purchasing supplies from DoD to increase troop readiness and possibly decreasing potential costs to the U.S. in the event of a conflict.

To provide a more tangible example of how DLA Distribution distributes its supplies to troops, as well as partner nations around the globe, the group concluded its visit with a stop at DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pa.’s Eastern Distribution Center, the largest distribution center within the Department of Defense.