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News | Nov. 11, 2017

DLA Distribution Commanding General's Veterans Day Message

DLA Distribution Team,

Veterans Day is a national holiday set aside to thank and honor all Warfighters who have served honorably in the military, during peacetime and war.  It is intended to thank our living Veterans for their service and show appreciation for their contributions to our collective security.  Veterans Day underscores the fact that all those who served…not only those who have died…have sacrificed in the performance of their duty. 

To all our Veterans…thank you…thank you for everything you’ve done to protect our freedom and our way of life.  Among our Distribution family are thousands of these heroes who have served… some serving for a few years and many dedicating a major portion of their life to military service.  While these Veterans may no longer wear the uniform, by choosing to continue their service with DLA Distribution they continue their contribution to our collective security by performing our critical Distribution mission of providing the Right Things…at the Right Place, at the Right Time!  They continue to be an inspirational example to us all.  

On behalf of Ms. Gonzales and myself, and from my family to yours, thank you for what you do every day.  We thank all of you who have served before, those who are serving now, and those of you across the DLA Distribution network who work hard every day to support Warfighters around the world. 

I am proud to be on your team!  

Happy Veterans Day!


BG John S. Laskodi

Commanding General

DLA Distribution


Warfighter First!