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News | Nov. 22, 2017

San Joaquin’s Central Receiving Team awarded DLA Director’s Strategic Goals Award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California’s, Central Receiving Team has been awarded the DLA Director’s Strategic Goals Award for fourth quarter of fiscal year 2017.

The Central Receiving Team’s main purpose is to verify and induct over 97 percent of material arriving at the distribution center, ensuring the utmost quality and accuracy while maintaining a 24-hour new procurement, 48-hour redistribution order, 48-hour stock transfer order and 120-hour return metric.  Their efforts focused on improving all processes to decrease material induction time, and increase overall production in order to make more material visible and available to customers.

The team introduced numerous continuous process improvements to bolster overall efficiencies throughout each portion of the receiving process.  In the Less Than Truckload section, the team aggressively streamlined the offload and tally process, which decreased material offload times by 15 percent and allowed all staged items to be prepared prior to induction, thereby increasing the LTL induction rate by 15 percent. 

The Small Parcel section coordinated with UPS to consolidate daily ground deliveries, which decreased handling of material and facilitated consolidation of previously separated single national stock numbers into multiple cartons.  This improvement decreased the volume of receipts that formerly required several single inductions to complete the PMR and allowed efficient single inductions to occur.

All CPI actions aided the Central Receiving Team immeasurably during an unexpected and lengthy surge of workload from June 2017 through August 2017.  The unexpected volume of material was well outside Fiscal Year 17 projections, and well above onboard staffing levels.  A total of 68,351 lines of material arrived during this period, which equated to 23 percent additional workload.  Due to the CPIs and efforts of the Central Receiving Team, all metrics were maintained through this unprecedented surge. 

“The Central Receiving’s team steadfast focus resulted in the successful induction of 68,144 lines, an additional 9,835 lines above projections.  The induction of these 9,835 lines breaks down to 3,026 man hours that was absorbed by the professional and goal driven Central Receiving Team at San Joaquin,” said DLA Distribution San Joaquin commander Marine Col. Andre Harrell. “It is a pleasure to nominate the Central Receiving Team for this distinctive award.  They are truly deserving of this recognition.”