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News | Nov. 30, 2017

Corpus Christi deputy receives DLA Directors Strategic Goals Award for hurricane support

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Jeremy Beckwith, deputy commander of DLA Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas, has been awarded the DLA Director’s Strategic Goals Award for fourth quarter, fiscal year 2017.

Beckwith played a critical role in the midst of a crisis during the last quarter.  The distribution center was in Hurricane Harvey’s direct path that made landfall on Aug. 25, and sustained significant damage to several facilities along with the local community.

“Jeremy served as the model of resiliency for the entire DLA Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas, workforce,” said DLA Distribution Corpus Christi commander Army Col. Daniel J. Bidetti.

Prior to landfall, Beckwith was the senior leader at the distribution center while Bidetti was on temporary duty elsewhere.  He immediately established communications with the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Command to receive and disseminate any updates as the hurricane approached.  He initiated the Center’s Continuity of Operations Plan and led the workforce through the Condition of Readiness checklists to ensure that the team did everything they could do to protect the center’s facilities and inventory prior to landfall. 

“Due to Hurricane Harvey’s rapid development, Jeremy demonstrated an immeasurable commitment to protecting our workforce and mission requirements of our Warfighters by creating the center’s special SITREP and worked directly with the Distribution Logistics Operations Center to reroute all incoming Material Release Orders, activate all government travel cards and order the evacuation of all employees and their families,” explained Bidetti.

During the evacuation period, Beckwith spent countless hours working to establish and maintain accountability of all 107 Corpus Christi personnel in addition to accounting for the other DLA Major Subordinate Commands (Aviation, Energy, Disposition and Document Services) personnel.  He ensured that all personnel completed the required reporting in the Fourth Estate Personnel Accountability and Assessment Systems.  While maintaining constant communications with the commander, he provided the DLOC routine updates and participated in the daily commanding general update briefs.

Following the evacuation period, Beckwith led the initial assessment and recovery team to identify any damage to DLA Distribution Corpus Christi facilities.  Two buildings received significant damage from the high winds, including the main distribution facility and one storage building.  The primary distribution building suffered significant damage causing multiple roof drain failures, resulting in the flooding of several bays.  He personally led the clean-up efforts to posture the distribution center for limited operations to fulfill urgent Warfighter requirements while issuing special consideration guidance for employees residing in areas most significantly affected by the storm. 

Within 48 hours following the initial assessment, Beckwith initiated the 100 percent mandatory recall for all DLA Distribution Corpus Christi personnel and achieved full operational status within seven days following landfall of Hurricane Harvey.

“DLA Distribution Corpus Christi rebounded quickly and was been able to continue supporting the Warfighters and Corpus Christi Army Depot as a direct result of Mr. Beckwith’s impeccable leadership,” said Bidetti.

The center recovered all metrics in less than two weeks following the storm along with no loss to the distribution center’s inventory.