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News | Dec. 5, 2017

DLA helps Aviano manage resources

By Staff Sgt. Austin Harvill DLA Disposition Services

When focusing on the world’s greatest Airmen and the cutting-edge aircraft they maintain and support, many people often forget another vital aspect to the fighting force …


Whether it’s stuff to protect a warfighter in the field, repair a Humvee, or sit on in the dormitories; without stuff, life at Aviano Air Base would be tough. Sometimes, the problem is having too much stuff, which can be as big a headache as not having enough stuff. Other times, units need more stuff but have depleted their budget purchasing higher priority stuff.

If constantly dealing with stuff prevents a unit from completing their mission, it’s probably time to talk to the stuff experts at Aviano AB’s Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services office.

Commonly referred to as “DRMO,” the DLA warehouse accepts unwanted items that shouldn’t be thrown away. However, the warehouse’s services extend beyond just dispositions.

“We recycle, refit and redistribute items we receive,” said Wayne Hayward, DLA Disposition Services area manager for Italy and Spain. “A lot of people know we take unwanted equipment; but we also offer a wide variety of items, completely free of charge.”

Hayward mentioned the acquisition process is free of hassle as well. If a unit’s equipment manager, acquisitions officer or other stuff consolidator can’t be reached, anyone with flight-level commander approval can pick up most items.

“We want the process to be easy and accessible to everyone,” explained Scott Thompson, Aviano AB’s DLA Disposition Services site lead. “We have a lot of items that never get picked up, and there’s even more around Europe we can send to our warehouse here. People just need to know where to look.”

A prospective stuff picker-upper doesn’t have to visit the warehouse to know what Thompson is talking about. The Digital Disposal Service Representative website – -- hosts a database of available items across government agencies, and Department of Defense personnel usually have first pick.

For stuff consolidators, the site also spells out how to properly turn in items, including how to fill out paperwork for even the most specific items. That’s right, now is the time to get rid of those old helicopter blades and compressed gas cylinders in the shed.

A revolving door of new and old equipment can be overwhelming, but with the help of Hayward, Thompson and their DLA team, it’s all just stuff. For more information or training opportunities, call 632-7352 or -6060.

 Editor's note: This story is from the 31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs office at Aviano Air Base, Italy.