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News | Dec. 23, 2017

Staff helps heat up winter training for artillery unit

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

Timely customer engagement by Defense Logistics Agency employees has helped some 2nd Infantry Division soldiers cross heating equipment off their Christmas list.

The Korean peninsula can be a rough place to train during the winter, but the heating equipment acquired by the 6-37th Field Artillery will help with their upcoming field training exercises. Disposal Services Representative Ed Forbes said the Gimcheon staff worked with a unit member to address the shortfall in heating equipment. Forbes said the team at DLA Disposition Services at Gimcheon helped the soldiers identify and reutilize not only heaters but also found other items needed for by the unit.

With their training exercise only one week away, Forbes said the soldiers were able to reutilize the equipment and convoy a team to the Gimcheon facility to pick up the items, which included environmental control units and Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter tent support systems. Other items found were light sets and tool kits.

“Mr. Charles Thomas met with these warfighters to make sure that the soldiers’ pick up and RTD experience with DLA was a success,” Forbes said.

The team also provided a tour of the warehouse to identify any other items needed by this unit. Forbes said the soldiers were delighted with the tour and believes they will be reutilizing more items in the near future.

“This customer engagement will foster a greater working relationship with our warfighters and hopefully will lead to more reutilization by … organizations on the Korean peninsula,” Forbes said.