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News | April 20, 2018

Troop Support employee gains perspective during year at DLA Acquisition

By Shaun Eagan DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

Wanting to add a fresh perspective to her career, one Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support employee recently completed DLA’s Enterprise Rotation Program.

Brenda Hall, a DLA Troop Support procurement analyst, spent 12 months in the rotation program working with DLA Acquisition at the agency Headquarters at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

“I wanted a different career field experience,” Hall said. “I wanted to do something to benefit DLA and myself, to develop skills for other acquisition positions and for exposure to various programs across the major subordinate commands.”

Hall says she worked as a Workforce, Audits and Legislative Affairs action officer, assisting with the agency’s training program for acquisition personnel. Her experience included:

  • assisting in developmental acquisition workforce policies and procedures

  • facilitating the Acquisition Career Program Board

  • developing and implementing enterprise-wide policies to the Contracting Officer Warrant Program for the DLA Acquisition workforce.

The DLA Enterprise Rotation Program is a professional development opportunity that incorporates a cross-organizational approach to improve the participants’ ability and knowledge needed to meet DLA mission requirements.

“The cross-organizational experience helps employees gain breadth of experience to better understand DLA missions and functions,” said Patricia Proctor, DLA Enterprise Rotation Program manager. “It fosters information sharing, which benefits both the participant and host organization, and results in improved collaboration and customer support.”

Hall, a 25-year Troop Support employee, also visited with DLA Land and Maritime, DLA Energy and DLA Aviation. Hall believes one benefit of the rotation was identifying strengths from the various practices of each organization.

“This opportunity afforded me a broader knowledge and skills of all DLA acquisition programs at the DLA Headquarters level as well as exposure to alternate approaches of these programs within each of the [major subordinate commands],” Hall said. “I saw a better view of the interaction of the MSCs with DLA Headquarters. And it brought an appreciation to the DLA mission and allowed me to see the efficiency and effectiveness of different methods used across the agency.”

According to the DLA Enterprise Rotation Program website (CAC required), there were 71 assignments available across DLA in 2018 through the rotation program. However, participants cannot receive assignments with their headquarters or mission subordinate command.

“The assignments are to expose participants to new processes, policies and concepts they may have little or no experience with,” Proctor said. “Ultimately, they will develop, refine or improve competencies and skills that are applicable to both their position of record and for positions to which they aspire.”

The program also offers intangible benefits, such as exposure to senior leaders, networking, experiences highlighting DLA’s warfighter support mission. The program also increases employee satisfaction and retention, according to Proctor.

“This opportunity prepared me for managerial positions by showing what the agency is looking for and how I can contribute to the overall DLA mission,” Hall said. “It also provided me with mentors and expanded my network, so now I have people outside of Troop Support that I can go to for help.”

Interested GS-11 through GS-15 employees can apply during the summer months. If selected, participants can expect to start the following January and be in the program between three-to-12 months.

“This was an excellent career move for me because it provided a taste of promotion and advancement,” Hall said. “It gave me visibility, perspective and insight on the DLA mission and was an excellent opportunity to develop as an employee. I highly recommend anyone interested to apply.”

DLA Human Resources also offers the DLA Executive Development Program, designed to develop supply chain leadership skills and competencies, and several outside agency programs for employees interested in professional development opportunities.

For more information, contact the DLA Enterprise Rotation Program manager at (571) 767-8108 or email