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News | April 23, 2018

DLA Distribution J3-Operations Army NCOIC to Pin on E-8

By Diana Dawa DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Army Sgt. 1st. Class Kahlil D. Warner, DLA Distribution J3 Operations Noncommissioned Officer-in-Charge, has been selected for promotion to Army Master Sgt./E-8. 
It’s been said many times that the Army promotes potential.  According to DLA Distribution Commanding General, Army Brig. Gen. John S. Laskodi, throughout his Army career, Sgt. 1st. Class (Promotable) Warner has proven to be the best in every position he has held.   

“In his short time with Distribution, he (Warner) has assumed roles normally required of an E-8 including responsibility for mentoring our military, civilians, and contracted employees”, said Laskodi, adding “He has served as a vital conduit between the Army enlisted leaders and DLA Distribution and has expertly managed numerous programs and projects which will have long-term benefits across the Distribution network and the Department of Defense.” 

As a testament to his phenomenal leadership, Warner led by example in revitalizing the U.S. Army War College Sergeant Audie Leon Murphy Club comprised of the top five percent of Army Noncommissioned Officers, said Laskodi.  “His tremendous leadership abilities have impacted not only Distribution Headquarters, but our subordinate commands within DLA Distribution and across the Department of Defense. Congratulations to Sgt. 1st Class (P) Warner and his family!”

Promotion to Master Sgt. is not an easy journey, said Warner. “Most logistical Military Occupational Specialties have less than a 40 percent selection rate. There are a couple of requirements for an NCO to become selected for E-8 regardless of MOS. After those requirements are satisfied, each MOS has additional requirements to only select the best of that field.”

The following are general requirements for promotion to Army Master Sgt.:

◾Average time in Service is 12-17 years

◾NCO’s must hold the rank of E-7/Sgt. 1st Class for over two years

◾Successfully complete the Senior Leaders Course

◾Successfully complete Structured Self Development (level) 4

◾Once selected, the Master Sgt. must complete the Master Leaders Course

Warner prepared for promotion by taking the tough assignments and trying his best to excel in those positions.  He received guidance from mentors and senior leaders, and found the strength in himself, his family, and his faith to succeed.

Warner gave the following recommendations to Soldiers seeking promotion:

◾Every day, no matter the situation, always strive to excel.

◾Put the welfare of your Soldiers, team members, and leaders, above your own at all times.

◾Constantly seek improvement through practice and mentorship.

◾Find a mentor and hold on to them for “dear life.”

◾Lastly, married or not, find a balance between family and work. For now, it may seem that military life is the most important to you, but once you’ve given your all and then depart the Service, your family are the ones that will be with you to the end. Good Luck!