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News | April 27, 2018

Installation CDC celebrates Earth Day

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

When a group of children at Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna’s Child Development Center were asked, “What can you tell me about Earth Day?” one young boy eagerly chimed, “Earth Day is every day!”

This is exactly the message that Jeffrey Redline, Environmental Protection Specialist for DLA Installation Operations Susquehanna, Sarah Moor and Robert Feeman, Environmental Protection Specialists for Installation Operations for Distribution, hoped to pass on to the Kindergarten and pre-K children on April 24.

“We reached out to the CDC to ask if they would be interested in a hands-on Earth Day event.  It’s crucial to teach our younger generation the importance of taking care of our planet and protecting its limited resources,” said Moor.
As part of the presentation, Redline, Moor, and Feeman assisted the children in planting seeds.
After learning they’d be planting squash, sunflowers or cosmos, the children lined up to fill their milk cartons, which were reused as planters, with the essentials for growing: soil, seeds and water.
Moor explained to the group that all the plants were annuals, meaning they would need to be replanted every year to grow again.  She then asked the children what other ingredient the plants need to thrive.  “Sunshine!” a little girl called out. “That’s right,” said Moor.  “Sunshine is the key.”
This event was part of an ongoing effort by these organizations to ensure the community understands the importance of taking care of the Earth’s limited resources.  The two groups hope to work together again next year for another Earth Day outreach event.