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News | May 2, 2018

Survey says? 100 percent response rate at DLA Maritime Mechanicsburg

By Wendy Adams DLA Maritime Mechanicsburg Public Affairs Liaison

The Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime’s detachment in Mechanicsburg achieved 100 percent participation in the 2018 Denison Survey.

To celebrate, DLA Maritime Mechanicsburg Director Quentin Smith and Deputy Director Emily Bear treated the 44-member detachment to lunch and an ice cream social on the survey’s final day, April 24.

Gia Calderone, who became Culture Team President in August 2017, said she is happy with the outcome. “This is the first year we’ve achieved 100 percent participation with taking the Denison Survey since our detachment stood up in 2009,” she said. “It really shows how our employees take ownership in what happens here.”

The DLA Culture Climate Survey is part of an ongoing effort by DLA to maintain a high performance culture and increase its ability to achieve strategic goals. The survey helps DLA identify successes and challenges, while also providing both the workforce and leaders an opportunity to engage in thoughtful, data-driven discussions to improve their collective performance.

“Everyone is sharing their opinions so we can improve the culture here in DLA Maritime Mechanicsburg,” Smith said. “Management is ready to review the results and make the needed improvements as expressed by all the voices who participated in the survey.”

Purchasing Agent Cathy Wright, who has been with DLA Maritime Mechanicsburg since 2014, said, “I like taking this survey because I feel that my voice is being heard and taken seriously. I’ve seen some positive improvements as a result of what was voiced in the 2016 Denison Survey and I look forward to seeing what new improvements will be implemented as a result of this year’s survey.”

DLA Maritime Mechanicsburg is located at Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania, and serves the Surface Operations and Submarines/Carriers Directorates by procuring depot level repairables. During the 2017 fiscal year, DLA Maritime Mechanicsburg purchased more than $500 million worth of supplies for the two Naval Directorates.