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News | May 10, 2018

Acquisition workforce professionals recognized

By Elizabeth Stoeckmann DLA Energy Public Affairs

It was a record year for acquisition certifications with more than 100 professionals recognized for their outstanding accomplishments during a ceremony at the McNamara Headquarters Complex, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, May 3.

Defense Logistics Agency Energy employees received their certification in the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act Levels I, II and III in contracting, life cycle logistics and purchasing, product quality and management as well as certification in petroleum commodity and the Defense Acquisition Corps.

DAWIA certification is a cornerstone of DLA Energy’s business standards and accountable processes. It lays a foundation for the training, education and experience employees need to perform trustworthy and reliable acquisition responsibilities.

Energy’s workforce can earn the three certifications in four fields: contracting; production, quality and manufacturing; life cycle logistics; and industrial/contract property management.

The recipients of DAWIA Level I, II or III certification in contracting include:  Bafour Asante, Lacie Hysten, Nordeya Lockhart, Samuel Rhodes, Jacob Sigler, Rosa Holbrook, Cynthia Lopez, Myra Morgan, Connie Song, Heather Thomas, Kurtiss Beach, Tricia Castillo, Sharmeen Dalton-Robles, Troy Dorsey, Rhoji Fernandez, James Forde, Chelsey Hayes, Kathy Hill, Anna Muldowney, Lashondra Pelican, Allison Polizzi, Shanon Sheffield, Rolando Suazo, Bryan Sveum, Tara Upchurch, Timothy Weatherspoon Sr., Justin Wingo                  

The recipients of DAWIA Level I, II or III certification in life cycle logistics include:  Bafour Asante, Anthony De La Rosa, Tronden Jackson, Vigeorge Manikad, Kenneth Nance, Lawrence Pagtama, Shonda Rizo, Jerome Rodgers, Terry Woodson, Leada Barksdale, Elsie Bennett, Christopher Bordelon, Michael Bradow, Quinton Brooks, Gwendolyn Cody-Davis, Matthew Delles, Raysa Donaldson, Raymond Ferguson II, Thomas Harrell Jr., Brian Hill, Tronden Jackson, Steven Jasiczek, Craig Lebaron, Sherry Lane, Hoang McChesne, George Medeiros Jr., Cheryl Moore, Matthew Moshier, Asia Powell, Julia Rivera, Brent Rouse, Vickie Rush, Christopher Ward, Janie Waring, Abraham Washington, Jennifer Williams, Anthony Beasley, Warren Boone, Michael Bradow, Walter Gary, Robert Gloria, Charles Hunter, Robert Lias, Kevin Moore, Tawnya Moreno, Kurt Orren, Jacob Schwarz Jr., M. Christine Varner

The recipients of DAWIA Level I or II certification in purchasing include:  Samuel Rhodes, Sydney Smith, Terry Woodson

The recipients of DAWIA Level I, II or III certification in product, quality and manufacturing include:  Phillip Chang, Yan Guo, James Howard, Michael Meredith, Stacy Stroll, Kelley Warren, Dustin Wilkerson, Michael Wilson, Sarah MacLean, Marcus Ortman

The recipients of DAWIA Level III certification in petroleum commodity include:  Chucky Berry, Jeffery Feltner, Kerry Harned, Joseph Larose, Robert Tate, Kelley Warren, Dustin Wilkerson, James Whitaker, Michael Wilson

The recipients inducted into the DAC include:  Jennifer Arthur, Troy Dorsey, Keecha Elliott, Rhoji Fernandez, Rafael Gomez, Terrell Grooms, Brandee  Hynson, Kevin Jones, Samantha Kimble, Richard Knapp Augustus Patterson Jr., Jasper Pili, Allison Polizzi, Angela Ponder, Tracie Quinn, Melissa Roth, Tabassam Salim, Timothy Weatherspoon Sr., Crystal Willis, Tonya Willis

“The DAC is similar to an honor society, but for acquisition professionals,” said DLA Energy Acquisition Workforce Development and Intern Center Division Chief Ditu Kasuyi.

The ceremony also acknowledged new contracting officer warrants. They not only have to pass a test, but also go through a review board as well. The recipients include:  Jennifer Arthur, Shane Banks, Chancley Meadows, Bryan Sveum

“A contracting officer is the only one who can obligate money on behalf of the government," Banks said.

DLA Energy Acting Commander Guy Beougher congratulated each DAWIA recipient along with new members of the DAC and new warrant officers. He encouraged all employees attending of the importance of having career goals early in their career and staying focused to reach professional goals.

The next DAWIA ceremony will be held October 18, 2018.