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News | May 18, 2018

Army Reserve team provides essential support to DLA Distribution Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

By Michael Verton DLA Distribution Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

The Army Reserve 490th Quartermaster Company has augmented DLA Distribution Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania since June 2017. The unit, on special assignment to DDTP, and led by Master Sgt. Mark Swarr, and Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas Marou, DLA Distribution J9, facilitated the growth and warfighter readiness of six subordinate soldiers. These soldiers were able to obtain real-world experience conducting distribution operations of receiving, warehousing, packing and shipping.  They did this while maintaining their own readiness by achieving a physical training score average of 272.

The team was instrumental to DDTP in assisting to develop and implement their serialization process for DLA Distribution.  Specifically, during a 3-day audit of the distribution center, the team assisted in picking 1600 items and conducted verification of Kind, Count and Condition as well as serial number tracking.  Also, the 490th stowed over 9,600 pieces of material to storage locations throughout the distribution center.  They also packed 1,800 pieces of classified material and 4,300 unclassified items during their tenure with DDTP.

The team’s excellence in distribution operations was extremely noteworthy.  Their efforts assisted DDTP in meeting Acceptable Performance Levels in the warehousing sections.   Another noteworthy aspect of their support – after completing forklift training, they had zero safety violations and modeled the performance expected on the material handling equipment.

For their support and outstanding assistance, team members were recognized and presented with certificates of appreciation by DDTP leadership.