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News | May 30, 2018

Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Employee Spotlight:Charlie Haury

By DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Name: Emil “Charlie” Haury

Job Title: Deputy Commander

Where do you physically work and what organization do you report to? DLA Aviation-San Diego. DLA Aviation headquarters is in Richmond, Virginia. 

How long have you worked for DLA? four years

What does Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month mean to you?  It provides me an opportunity to honor those of the same multicultural background who contributed to America abroad. As a Pacific Islander, I grew up learning of how the Hawaiian Islands and Monarchy existed and eventually became part of the United States as the 50th state. To know that many Hawaiians, Japanese, and other Asian people served in the World War II prior to becoming a state, exemplifies the willingness of the people to serve but most impressively, doing this while being scrutinized by Americans due to the attack in 1941 on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Aside from this, our culture’s persistence in spreading Aloha, is ongoing and always contagious when you meet people from Hawaii. Inclusion of all cultures is a model for all. If I had to choose one thing above all else, the different variety of food from all cultures is the premier experience while growing up. Overall, celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a reflection of Aloha, dedication, and multicultural excellence that all should experience.

Tell us something unique about your heritage or country of origin. Hawaii is unique among all the U.S. states as it was the only state that had a monarchy.

What misconception about your heritage or country of origin would you like to correct? There is a misconception that Hawaii willingly became a state. Actually, in January 1893 a coup led by Sanford Dole, who took over the government and pressed the U.S. to annex the islands. Queen Liliuokalani yielded to the U.S. for a pardon for her supporters under protest that John L. Stevens, U.S. Minister to Hawaii had already “caused U.S. Troops to be landed at Honolulu.”  

What do you consider the most important cultural value for you and for those close to you? Always treat people with Aloha (love, care, and included)

Tell us a little known fact that most people don’t know about you. I make awesome fried rice!

How important is it to you that Defense Logistics Agency Aviation recognize this month? I welcome any effort to recognize any culture regardless of what it is. It brings awareness for all of how diverse we are as a country.

What do you want the DLA Aviation workforce to take away from celebrating this particular month? Always show your Aloha!