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News | June 6, 2018

DLA Director hosts town hall at Distribution headquarters

By Brianne Bender DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Introducing his 2018-2026 Strategic Plan and discussing how the five lines of effort outlined in the plan apply to DLA Distribution was the main focus of DLA director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams during the May 17 town hall with headquarters staff.

Williams began by recognizing several employees with “Ya Done Good” Certificates of Achievement. He introduced these awards when he took command in June 2016 in order to recognize individuals who have performed their jobs in an outstanding fashion.

Moving forward, Williams broke down his five lines of effort and tailored them specifically to Distribution.

“How much could happen without Distribution,” asked Williams. “You touch every aspect of what DLA does. No one else does what you do in a more profound way.”

Starting with “Warfighter first,” Williams asked the room to raise their hand if they have anyone close to them serving in the military. “60 to 70 percent of you in this room raised your hand - THAT is the power of what Distribution does, it serves those family and friends who are serving our country.”

Explaining “global posture,” Williams said “it is not possible to be everywhere, but because of Distribution and your Expeditionary team we are able to cover the entire world.

Distribution embodies “strong partnerships.” Using the example of Distribution’s partnership with the US Transportation Command, Williams said “No one forwards that relationship better than you, Distribution.” Additionally, he spoke to Distribution’s relationships with FEMA and other agencies when discussing “whole of government.”

Williams rounded out his five lines of effort by talking about “always accountable.” The example he spoke of was audit readiness. “DLA could not be audit ready without Distribution.”

Finally, Williams told the group of headquarters employees “the best ideas, I’ve always found, have come from the staff, not necessarily leadership. Help your command figure out additional ways to support the warfighter.”