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News | Aug. 1, 2018

Logistics on location, everywhere you go

By DLA Public Affairs

The Defense Logistics Agency partners with military and civilian organizations around the world to sustain operations with critical supplies during war and peacetime. Below are summaries of videos demonstrating how DLA provided outstanding logistics support during two recent European exercises.

  • Logistics on Location - The 3rd Squadron 2nd Cavalry Regiment are a motivated, cohesive and mission ready organization on a six-month rotation forward participating in the Enhanced Forward Presence NATO initiative. They are deployed to the Bemowo Piskie Training Area in Poland and their mission is to train to deter aggression, train with our allies in order to increase interoperability and U.S. capability as a NATO force. Logistics is critical to the Wolfpack’s mission and DLA is proud to help support their success.


  • Everywhere you go - 32nd Composite Truck Company 
    Everywhere you go, DLA is with you. Our team does its best to get you the food you love so you have a taste of home no matter where you are in the world.

  • Everywhere you go - 18th Composite Supply Support Brigade
    The Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area or DPTA in Poland is a hub of logistics activity. The soldiers from the 18th Composite Supply Support Brigade and the 240th Composite Supply Company worked tirelessly during Saber Strike 18 to support all the warfighters participating in the exercise. Logistics and supply are critical to their success and DLA is proud to provide the 18th and the 240th with millions of items so they support the soldiers in the field.

  • Everywhere you go - 500th Engineer Support Company
    Military engineers are the backbone to any mission and logistics plays a massive role in helping them build structures like shelters and bridges. Without equipment engineers would not be able to achieve mission success. DLA is proud to support engineers with construction equipment and anything else they need to get the job done. Watch this video to hear how the 500th Engineer Support Company is doing their part to strengthen relationships between the U.S. and NATO to deter aggression.


  • Everywhere You Go - DLA on the Ground for Saber Strike 18
    DLA expeditionary teams are ready when the call comes to support the warfighter. For Saber Strike 18, DLA sent a team of professionals to Powidz, Poland and their mission was to get materials to the troops faster, so equipment stays up, and they get the commodities they need to complete the mission, recover, and redeploy to home.


  • Everywhere you go - 1st Air Cavalry
    The Warriors of the Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division deploy to any theater and destroy the enemy forces using their fire and maneuver to concentrate and sustain combat power at the critical time and place.  No matter which theater they are in they need logistics on-time, every time and DLA is proud to support the Warriors with fuel, parts, food, clothing & textiles and more so they can concentrate on their mission. 


  • Everywhere you go - DLA Supports 184th Sustainment Command
    Providing mission command and increasing span of control and operational reach was the 184th Sustainment Command’s mission during Saber Strike 18. DLA was proud to be on the ground and support the 184th and all U.S. warfighters in the exercise with all their logistics needs.


  • Everywhere you go - 299th Brigade Support Battalion
    1st Battalion 63rd Armor Brigade Combat Team is a force to be reckoned with — they are a unique blend of lethality, mobility, and protection — so it is critical the soldiers get the supplies they need so they can get the job done. The 299th Brigade Support Battalion and the Defense Logistics Agency work together to ensure the ABCT soldiers have what they need to be that strong force.