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News | Aug. 7, 2018

DLA Distribution Yokosuka, Japan holds retirement ceremony for MLC employees

By Tomo Masuyoshi DLA Distribution Yokosuka, Japan

On June 28, 2018, DLA Distribution Yokosuka, Japan held retirement ceremonies for five of eight Master Labor Contract employees, honoring their significant contribution in an exceptional amount of time.  With over 250 years of combined experience, DDYJ will feel the loss of these employee’s work ethic and efforts. 

Tadaaki Kigawa, forklift operator, worked for 25 years; Isao Kayama, forklift operator, worked for 39 years; Hiroshi Adachi, forklift operator, worked for 29 years; Yoshiki Takano, supervisory shipment planning clerk, worked for 29 years; Hirokazu Tokunaga, traffic manager, worked for 39 years; Takao Takeda, cargo specialist, worked for 30 years; Koichi Matsunaga, tractor-trailer driver, worked for 37 years; and Yoshihiro Kawazoe, storekeeping clerk, worked for 26 years.

Their dedication and contribution to the success of the Command were appreciated and recognized as they received a farewell and appreciation letter, commander’s coin, and a sake cup from DLA Distribution Yokosuka, Japan, commander Navy Cmdr. Allen Rivera. 

“Everyone was remarkable for finishing their career here in Yokosuka without being involved in any accident. Their expertise and positive influence and example to all employees will be truly missed,” said Rivera.

DLA Distribution Yokosuka, Japan, deputy commander, Roy Jewell, noted “While the loss of these employees will be felt immediately at the section and branch level, we have other future leaders waiting to fill these important positions.  The passing of the leadership torches is a part of the continuing process to grow and improve DLA Distribution Yokosuka.  We truly appreciate the many years of service performed by these employees.  As they now have opportunity to enjoy retirement or explore new opportunities, the personnel filling these positions will mean new ideas on how we operate in the future.”