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News | Oct. 3, 2018

Distribution DAT assesses Hurricane Florence damage as clean-up is underway at Distribution Cherry Point, North Carolina

By Diana Dawa DLA Distribution Public Affairs

There really is no way to tell how much damage a hurricane as strong as Florence will bring to your area until after it passes. DLA Distribution Headquarters had a Disaster Assessment Team, comprised of DLA Distribution J3, DLA Distribution J4, DLA J6, and DLA Installation Support, standing by to deploy to DLA Distribution Cherry Point, North Carolina as soon as it was safe to do so to assess the damage.

DDCN was in the direct path of Hurricane Florence.  Knowing this, Distribution DAT was pre-positioned and prepared to support its North Carolina center prior to, during, and after Florence passed.

Paul McMillan, deputy director, DDCN, provided an initial assessment of damage to buildings 145 and 147 where most damage occurred.

“Building 145-Bulk Wholesale sustained $2.2 million in roof damage, a collapsed ceiling, has significant water leaks, and overhead doors are blown off track. Building 147-Wholesale Storage/Transportation is operational but requires $2.5 million in roof and window repair. Some of the dock awnings were down and there is some overhead door damage as well. Combined, the effects of infrastructure damage left hundreds of lines of materiel tumbled from racks, water damaged, and requiring inspection. There are multiple safety concerns due to falling ceiling panels, electrical, and the large amount of mold due to water damage. The DAT team has been instrumental in getting our IT operations up and running, inspecting packaging, and taking over the assessment process to free us up to concentrate on the mission.”

Base public works was notified of standing water on the roof of building 147 between bays C and D due to blocked drains caused by roofing material from building 145, and an emergency work order was placed. Personnel were informed to have an emergency building evacuation plan in case of thunderstorms that are forecasted.

For the materiel packages that sustained damaged, a review is underway and materiel packaging found damaged is being inspected and repackaged. There remain hundreds of inaccessible requisitions due to damage and equipment failures.

According to Jared Crain, chief, Programs Project Management Division, J3, the DDCN site assessment is still ongoing. 

“Distribution’s DAT will continue their assessment of buildings, systems, and stocks. We expect them to re-deploy to DLA Distribution Oct. 5,” said Crain.