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News | Nov. 28, 2018

Land and Maritime makes an impact in 2018

By Dana Thornbury DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

Whether locally in the Metro Columbus area or at one of our detachments, Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime believes in connecting with the community and making a positive impact. This is achieved with our business practices as well as through our people – the heart of our organization.

Putting the Warfighter first, associates worked diligently throughout the year to strengthen logistics policies and practices. These efforts resulted in increases in contract awards, improved customer servicing efficiencies and marked achievements in material availability.

Associates also participated in agency sanctioned efforts such as the Feds Feed Families food drive and the Combined Federal Campaign workplace charity pledge campaign. In addition, associates volunteered their time and services throughout the year to improve the community.

2018 DLA Land and Maritime Year in Review

Leadership Transitions:

official photo of SES Mark BrownDLA Land and Maritime selected Mark Brown to fill its Acquisition Executive position and inducted him into the Senior Executive Services rank in a March 9 ceremony at the Defense Supply Center Columbus’ Operations Center’s auditorium. Brown is the first SES to be inducted at Land and Maritime in more than a decade. Brown promised to embrace transparency in his leadership approach; to be truly accessible as he’d been in his previous position; to practice speed in handling paperwork and use pragmatism as a guiding principle during his leadership tenure.


official photo of Navy Rear Adm John T PalmerNavy Rear Adm. John Palmer assumed command of DSCC and DLA Land and Maritime from Rear Adm. Michelle Skubic during a ceremony June 27 at the Operations Center Auditorium. Since taking command, Palmer has made several site visits to detachments and met with industry partners discussing current projects, future process improvements and best practices to ensure military readiness remains lethal and responsive in the years to come.


official photo of Air Force Col Jenette KetchumIn July, Land and Maritime welcomed a new Chief of Staff. Air Force Col. Janette Ketchum serves as a principal advisor to the Commander and Deputy Commander on operations and readiness matters.




Eleven representatives sit around a table for a Technology Council meeting
Technology Council host meeting
The Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Technology Council met Oct. 30 to discuss information technology updates, requirements and current initiatives with a goal of improving the IT environment for associates.
Photo By: Michael Rowland
VIRIN: 181030-D-RE244-004
The Land and Maritime Technology Council was busy with ensuring the workforce was up-to-date on technology-based requirements allowing associates to perform their jobs efficiently. This year’s efforts resulted in an Access Database migration, MilConnect registration and training, EVoIP Extension Mobility migration and various briefings to increase knowledge of information technology communication tools available to assist associates and virtual teams.

DLA Maritime Puget Sound Contracting Team
DLA Maritime Puget Sound Contracting Team
Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime’s Puget Sound detachment’s contracting team. Pictured l-r back row: Travis Norman, Timothy Easter, Deja Cormier, Robert Northrop, Andrea Hart, David Dunbar, Thomas Trepanier, Robert Zamora, Alysa Locklear and Chastity Cowans. Front row: John Iversen, Kim Vo, Cheryl Esposito, Lina Cruz, Shawn Fernandez, Holly Flynn, Jessica Reichard, Ardra Farally and Michael Ozols. Not Pictured: James Kilen, Lorraine Small, Jo Ann Togioka, Taura Helms, Susan Peterson and Kevin Walker.
Photo By: Courtesy photo by Puget Sound Contracting Office
VIRIN: 180928-D-D0441-500
DLA Land and Maritime’s Puget Sound detachment achieved a 43 percent increase in contracting actions this year. The contracting division executed more than $103 million in contract awards during fiscal year 2018 in support of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, an increase of nearly 50 percent over FY17.

Furthermore, Puget Sound maintained a small business procurement rate of approximately 81 percent during the fiscal year, totaling more than $83 million obligated to small businesses across all of the socioeconomic categories, far exceeding the DLA Maritime small business goal of 59.6 percent.

TACOM, DLA Land and Maritime strategic partnership ensures readiness
TACOM, DLA Land and Maritime strategic partnership ensures readiness
Defense Supply Center Columbus and Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Adm. John Palmer (left) hosted Army Maj. Gen. Daniel Mitchell, commander for U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command Life Cycle Management Command (center) and Army Command Sgt. Maj. Ian Griffin (right) Sept. 11. The visit built upon their existing partnership and focused on the future of the industry to ensure military readiness remains lethal and responsive in the years to come.
Photo By: Charles Morris
VIRIN: 180911-D-LC637-101
US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command met with Land and Maritime leadership discussing ways to increase supply availability by building the depth, breadth and velocity of the global ground and support systems supply chains. The group considered the future of the industry and reviewed best practices to ensure military readiness remains lethal and responsive in the years to come.

Real Property Task Force document inventory during site visits.
Youngstown Team
Land and Maritime Midwest Team Lead Laticia “Missy” Drew along with Land and Maritime Team Member Randy Pacheco and Logistics Team Member James Sweatman document inventory during one of their Real Property Task Force site visits.
Photo By: Real Property Task Force courtesy photo
VIRIN: 180716-D-D0441-101
Members of the Land and Maritime workforce, along with other DLA employees, contractors and Joint Reservists joined forces to establish the DLA Real Property Task Force to complete a worldwide physical inventory of real property assets. This effort supported the fiscal year 2018 audit objective of creating a baseline inventory of all DLA Real Property assets.

Representatives from more than 300 defense logistics industrial support organizations attended the 2018 DLA Land and Maritime Supplier Conference
DLA Supplier Conference
Representatives from more than 300 defense logistics industrial support organizations attended the 2018 Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Supplier Conference and Exposition June 19 – 20 in downtown Columbus, Ohio.
Photo By: Charles Morris
VIRIN: 180618-D-LC637-161
In the summer, Land and Maritime hosted its two-day Supplier Conference and Exposition providing an opportunity to strengthen the industrial base, diversify the suppliers that DLA works with and build collaborative partnerships that positively impact materiel procurement; ultimately improving the readiness of the Warfighter.

Land and Maritime’s Avenger program a model of interagency coo
Land and Maritime’s Avenger program a model of interagency coo
Workers at Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) in Chambersburg, Pa. work on the lower portion of an Avenger Air Defense System. Avengers are often mounted on High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (commonly called Humvees). Avengers are being refurbished at LEAD to support the European Defense Initiative.
Photo By: Courtesy of Letterkenny Army Dep
VIRIN: 180101-D-D0441-001
In a joint project with Letterkenny Army Depot, the Avenger Patriot Missile weapons platform was refurbished and reintegrated into use supporting Warfighters around the world. The Avenger is a surface-to-air missile system often mounted on a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, commonly known as the Humvee. The combined weapon system provides mobile protection against missiles, low-flying aircraft and most recently – unmanned aerial vehicles.

Associates’ Community Involvement:

Jim and Nicole pose for a photo
Jim and Nicole
Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Contracting Supervisor Nicole Banks poses with Jim Stewart, a homeless Vietnam veteran, in late July when he received a 2007 Honda Element to replace the 1996 Pontiac he’d lived out of for years. The older vehicle has no working air conditioner, so Banks began campaign to raise money to replace it. The pair originally met in early July, when she saw him in the parking lot of her local grocery store. The two shared a connection when they discovered each had previously served in the Marine Corps. Moved by Stewart’s plight, Banks has worked diligently with a growing network of friends and strangers to help get Stewart off the streets.
Photo By: Courtesy photo
VIRIN: 180718-D-D0441-0000
Land and Maritime associate Nicole Banks' chance encounter with a homeless Marine Corps Purple Heart recipient inspired her to assist. Her enthusiasm spread as additional associates got involved with the outreach effort. Her effort helped the veteran transition from living in his car to his own apartment.

Daniel McCombs hiking
Daniel McCombs hiking
Daniel McCombs is a Defense Logistics Agency police officer at the Defense Supply Center Columbus servicing DLA Land and Maritime, Defense Finance and Accounting Service – Columbus and military and civilian tenants. In his free time he enjoys hiking, his dog Murphy, soccer and ballroom dancing.
Photo By: Courtesy Photo
VIRIN: 181005-D-D0441-100
DLA Police Officer Daniel McCombs noticed an accident on his way home from work and stopped to help. After speaking to witnesses and realizing there was someone still in the burning vehicle, McCombs with the assistance of a couple bystanders were able to safely remove the driver before the vehicle engulfed in flames.

The Maritime Associate Culture Council developed a community outreach program with a focus on assisting those in need in the surrounding community. This year they collected essential items such as pull-ups, baby wipes, bottles and general hygiene products for a local shelter. Associate involvement exceed expectations and the council was able to collect nearly double their initial goal, providing about 200 items.

Level III Mentoring Program associates volunteer
Level III Mentoring Program associates volunteer
Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime’s Level III Mentoring Program protégés prepare meals for 325 individuals at a Central Ohio mission center Oct. 25. Level III protégés have integrated community outreach opportunities as part of their mentoring experience. The mentoring program is designed to provide professional development and learning opportunities that will allow participants to develop competencies and skills. Pictured: Renee Magill, Coleen McCormick and Nicole Betts.
Photo By: Courtesy photo
VIRIN: 181025-D-D0441-502
The Level III Mentoring program protégés stepped away from the workplace and volunteered at a local mission serving approximately 325 lunches to Central Ohio residents in need with plans to further integrate community outreach into the program.

Maritime associate Elisa Baskins volunteers monthly to deliver meals to local elderly residents. She explained her civic involvement extends from her early years growing up serving food to families that were displaced, homeless and veterans, as well as delivering food to senior citizens and shut-in individuals. In past years, she also has been involved with building houses.

Another Maritime associate Anthony Sutphen regularly volunteers at a local mission aimed at helping homeless and low income members of the community. Each month he takes leave to prepare and serve meals to more than 300 individuals, even postponing personal vacation time upon hearing the mission was low on volunteers this summer.

“He’s set the standard for civic involvement,” Navy Lt. Cmdr. Anas Maazouzi said. “Now several of his coworkers have started volunteering on a regular basis. His motivations have always been to give back to the community and to help others.”

Land Customer Operations associate Donna Mills has also inspired her coworkers to give back. As a 22-year volunteer for the Central Ohio Stand Down event, this year she and six team members helped intake veterans. Their efforts assisted 552 veterans ensuring them access to resources to assist with health, housing and job issues.

Another group of Land Customer Operations associates sponsor underprivileged children at Christmas providing toys, clothing and essential items to ensure their holidays are brighter.

Additionally, associates throughout Land and Maritime volunteered their time and services at local schools.

Veteran associates assisted with an outreach effort at Harmon Middle School in conjunction with their patriot lessons.

Bilingual associates provided their services to Broadleigh Elementary School during parent-teacher conferences. They also support various community events throughout the year.

Members of the agency provided tutoring support to the Columbus Africentric Early Collect School’s elementary students focusing on improving reading comprehension.

Equal Employment Office Federal Women’s Program provided mentoring opportunities for its fifth year to Whitehall students as part of the Whitehall Mentoring Program. The participants meet monthly and receive guidance on topics from academic success to employment options.

Although building community isn’t only about what goes on outside the gates of the Defense Supply Center Columbus. It’s also about raising awareness and enhancing the cultural competences of associates.

During the year, EEO Special Emphasis Program hosted installation-wide events with speakers from the local Ohio community.