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News | Dec. 26, 2018

DLA Energy Supplier Operations recognizes achievement

By Irene Smith DLA Energy Public Affairs

Recognizing success is built on teamwork and fellowship, the Defense Logistics Agency Energy Supplier Operations Directorate took time to gather and acknowledge its employees during an all hands in the McNamara Headquarters Complex auditorium, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Dec. 4.

“The purpose of the semi-annual quarterly recognition event is to recognize exceptional achievements by members of the Supplier Operations team,” said DLA Energy DSO Director Gabby Earhardt. “Recognition can be for any one or combination of superior performance, innovative improvement, humanitarian service, teamwork, savings to the government or other similar meritorious actions that reflects positively on headquarters supplier operations.”

The DSO recognition program is comprised of three categories; non-supervisory personnel, supervisory personnel and team (not to exceed 15 people).

Mark Chamberlin received the individual award non-supervisor for his budget management support of the Utility Services Division’s $21 billion program. He processed more than 610 military interdepartmental purchase request actions, involving the movement of more than $386 million and provided monthly audit-proof documentation that explains every penny spent on Utility Services-related activities.

“Mark’s complete commitment to the Utility Service mission has resulted in another fantastic year of managing the budget and contract funding in one of the largest and most dynamic contracting operations within DLA Energy,” said DLA Energy Utility Services Director Martha Gray. 

DLA Energy Installation Energy Directorate employee Jacob Vigil was recognized for his superior performance while executing his duties as supervisory contracting officer throughout the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018. Vigil was instrumental in his management, oversight and execution of 15 Energy Savings Performance Contracts projects in DLA’s acquisition pipeline. These awards supported over $195 million in third party investments in facility energy and water improvements for installations located throughout the United States and South Korea.

“Jacob’s technical prowess, as well as his can-do attitude, contributes to his ability to train both subordinates and superiors alike,” Earhardt said. “Always the consummate team player, Jacob unselfishly assists with additional duties within and outside of his immediate team. He consistently refuses to let himself be overwhelmed with the extraordinary demands of ESPC projects and training a large number of new employees while maintaining superior performance in his regular duties.” 

The team award went to the Rocky Mountain West Team from the Bulk Petroleum Products and Supply Chain Division. The team, led by Callie Lake, was responsible for the RMW procurement for fiscal year 2019 requirements and contracts. The RMW team implemented several process improvement initiatives to help increase communication, collaboration and effectiveness between the contracting team, the technical evaluation team and review teams. Due to resourceful planning, the RMW team was able to hold a second price reduction round, saving the federal government over $8.5 million.

The RMW team included Callie Lake, Norma Birch, Donnie Conner, Eduardo Davila, Bernard Mage, Michelle Sands, James Forde, Adam Gugelman, Matt Shuster, Oscar Taylor, Justin Wingo, Tracie Quinn, Bruce DeSoto, Emily Weaver and Jessica Evans.

In addition to the awards, Earhardt acknowledged 2018 as “the year of the detail.” She recognized eight DSO leaders who volunteered to temporarily fill key leadership roles.

“The details ranged from 30 to 120 days,” Earhardt said. “We saw this as an opportunity for career and professional development and decided to maximize the opportunities. It was a terrific success with everyone working together.”

The following personnel filled these leadership positions over the course of last year:  
• Laurie Carlson – deputy director Supplier Operations
• Erin Ralph – deputy director Supplier Operations and Director Bulk Products
• Gerald Tinner – deputy director Supplier Operations, Director Bulk Products and associate director Procurement Process Support
• Jim Shillingford – associate director Procurement Process Support
• Pat Littlejohn – deputy director Bulk Supply Chain Services
• Brian Koessel – deputy director Utility Services
• Josh Catlin – deputy director Bulk Products
• Anwar Ali – deputy director Direct Delivery Fuels

She also congratulated Erin Ralph on her selection as the director of Bulk Petroleum Products.

The Supplier Operations directorate is comprised of seven business units with more than 500 employees representing almost 50 percent of the DLA Energy workforce.