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News | Jan. 9, 2019

DLA CENTCOM & SOCOM commander visits Distribution headquarters

By Dawn Bonsell, DLA Distribution Public Affairs Officer

Army Col. Hattie Richardson, commander of DLA Central Command and Special Operations Command, visited DLA Distribution headquarters Jan. 8 for an update of DLA Distribution operations since her prior assignment as commander of DLA Distribution Anniston, Alabama from 2014-2016.


After an office call with Distribution commanding officer, Navy Rear Adm. Kevin Jones, Richardson met with key Distribution staff to receive an organizational update of DLA Distribution’s global reach extending to over 50 locations aligned across 20 states, eight countries, and all Combatant Commands.


Scott Rosbaugh, Distribution’s Future Plans director and other members of the Distribution leadership team presented a general overview of what has changed and what has stayed the same since Richardson was in command of DDAA.


Rosbaugh began the discussion by explaining the major change is that all COCOMS have accelerated now—not just the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility.


The leadership team also updated Richardson on the audit sustainment process, the new Global Distribution Expeditionary Contract, the Joint Expeditionary Force, and Distribution’s expansion to Djibouti, Africa, Iwakuni, Japan, and Busan, Korea.


Modernization efforts with a goal of increasing productivity and reducing costs were also noted, including the new warehouse management system at DLA Distribution Corpus Christi, Texas, to be phased into all Distribution centers. In addition, real time location systems will expedite inventory and a new “goods to person” technology will increase productivity.


Following the update, Richardson expressed her gratitude for everyone taking the time to bring her up to speed, exclaiming, “I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about Distribution!” Richardson also commented that she has worked with just about everyone in the room and that as far as she’s concerned, “we’re family.” Excited about taking command, yet also knowing there is more to learn, she indicated that she would be reaching out to ask questions.


Richardson then met with Rosbaugh and his Future Plans team to discuss the CENTCOM AOR and the Trans Arabian Network transportation system that decreases transportation costs and improves logistic response times.


Richardson will take command as the new DLA CENTCOM & SOCOM commander during a change-of-command ceremony at CENTCOM headquarters, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida next week.