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News | Jan. 11, 2019

New warehouse site for DLA Distribution Navy Bahrain doubles storage capacity

By Diana Dawa, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

DLA Distribution Navy Bahrain is a Commercially Owned/Commercially Operated distribution center located in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  DDNB serves as the single Theater Distribution Platform and maintains forward-positioned stock and provides multi-modal distribution to all branches of service operating in the CENTCOM area of responsibility.


According to DDNB Commander, Navy Cmdr. Charles M. Tellis, its storage and distribution facilities are strategically positioned to reduce transportation and customer wait time and is the lynch-pin to enable a successful Trans-Arabian Network. 


“DLA is positioning additional inventory and our Service Provider is increasing facility capability (warehouse space) to accommodate this increased inventory and workload.  These efforts set the conditions for Bahrain to become the first look within the DLA network for all DODACs located on the Arabian Peninsula,” stated Tellis.


The DDNB contract was awarded to incumbent contractor, General Commodities Warehouse & Distribution Co.  GENCO began full performance July 1, 2018.  The new facility, located in the Bahrain Logistic Zone, is 3.4 miles from the previous site.  The new site will double DDNB’s storage capacity. Distribution operations at the new site initially occurred September 1, 2018. 


“Stock transfer from the old to the new facility is ongoing,” said Tellis, adding, “As of January 2019, 78 percent of DDNB total NSNs stock is currently located at the new site.”  


Distribution Operations is being conducted at both sites until the construction of additional warehouses are completed.  Full completion date is scheduled for May 2019.   Through the transition period, DDNB remains postured to support warfighter requirements who are operating in CENTCOM Area of Responsibility.


Once the entire stock is transitioned to the new site, the old site will be turned back over to its original landlord.


Transitioning into a new site always present various challenges noted Tellis. 


“When discrepancies are found it is reported to the Continuing Government Activity Contracting Officer Representative for the Service Provider to take corrective action.  CGA and SP stay committed to mitigate challenges and ensure distribution performance benchmark, safety and security goals are achieved.”


“Assignment to Bahrain is a hidden gem,” said Tellis. He continued, “It is a diverse country that possesses amazing eye-opening culture experiences.  I’m truly blessed to be in the position to lead a group of hard working and dedicated people committed to supporting the warfighter and DLA’s mission operating abroad.”